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Deadlines for releases

Deadlines for release are in most cases on a Thursday. Examples for such deadlines are Feature_freeze, code_freeze or Last_cws_integration. If a Child Workspace should be in time for the specific deadline this means that the child workspace needs to have QA Approval until the "close of business (COB)" of that day. This results in Nomination with the beginning of the next day for integration. Integration of cws can happen then on Friday, when the following build usually starts.

The build usually starts than at Friday noon (German time), so that contributors from all timezones available on planet earth can rely on Thursday (cob) deadline.

what if ?

In case you passed the deadline (with that whooooshing sound) and you consider that cws as a "must have" for that release you need to send an explanation of that "must have" and the consequences and risks to If none of the main stakeholders objects (Engineering, QA, Marketing, User Experience, NativeLang projects) the release manager may accept this cws for integration.

Release Committee, Release Status Meeting

Once upon a time there were some discussion about a release committee ( and also that committee was established at 1.0.x lifetime ( with stakeholders from Engineering, QA, Marketing, User Experience, NativeLang projects, community manager) but starved soon because it was much more open to discuss release issues on directly.

During 2.0.x lifetime the "release status meeting" with QA, Specs, Development and Release Manager found again together and are posting their minutes to

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