Sun MySQL Connector/OOo: Roadmap

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Milestone Due Status
1.0 Alpha
preview release, containing known issues, work in progress
Release April 2009 released
1.0 Beta
all known issues fixed, still the potential for unknown serious issues
Code freeze 19.05.2009 (Tuesday) passed
Handover to QA 22.05.2009 (Friday) passed
QA approval 27.05.2009 (Wednesday) passed
Release 28.05.2009 (Thursday) released
1.0 Final
production quality release
Code Freeze 20.08.2009 (Thursday) passed
Handover to QA 21.08.2009 (Friday) passed
QA approval 02.09.2009 (Wednesday) passed
Release (GA) 10.09.2009 (Thursday) released
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