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General Coding (GEN)

General advice for coding.

Const Correctness (Const)

Make every member function const that does not change the logical state of its class. Use “mutable” to distinguish logical from physical state.
Prefer constants over variables wherever possible. -> Details

Resource Allocation is Initialization (RAII)

Use the “Resource acquisition is initialization” (RAII) idiom to manage resources.
Use smart pointers for objects on the heap. -> Details

Avoid Duplicate Code (Dupli)

Avoid and remove duplicate code. Duplicate code may be okay, if otherwise dependencies among so far unrelated modules would be created. Among constructors of the same class some code duplication is okay. -> Details

Initialize Everything Immediately (Init)

Initialize all variables at declaration.
Every struct needs a constructor.
Preferably mention every data member, including the default constructed ones, in the constructor's initialization section. -> Details

Optimize Later (Opti)

Do not optimize before you really know there is a performance problem. Use inline sparingly. However do optimize in algorithm complexity. -> Details

Clear Origin of Local Data (LocalData)

Use a consistent way to distinguish member data, local variables and function parameters. -> Details

Local Conventions (LocalConv)

When changing code in a module, follow local naming conventions. -> Details

Matching Array Delete (ArrayDel)

When using new[], employ a matching delete[] statement. -> Details

Related Rules

Preferred Types -> OBSOLETE:Types

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