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Code Format (FORMAT)

Generally, how to format the code does not need to be be governed by rules. Here are only a few things necessary for correct compiler behaviour or to increase code readability significantly.

Newline at End of File (Eof)

Always conclude your source file with a newline character. -> Details

Unix-style Newlines (Newlines)

Always use unix-style (NL, not CR NL) newlines. -> Details

Source Code Character Set (CharSet)

Don't use non-ASCII characters.
Exception: Use UTF8 encoding in resource files.
-> Details

No Cpp Comments in C Code (CppComm)

Don't use C++ comments in C code or C headers. -> Details

Indentation (Indent)

Indentation is 4 spaces. -> Details

No Tabs (NoTabs)

Use spaces, not tabs. -> Details

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