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Compile with Emacs

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If you want to compile from within (X)Emacs, it's useful to have this script (that sources the env before running dmake) installed:


while ! test -f "$path/$env"; do
    path=`dirname $path`
. $path/$env
perl $SOLARENV/bin/build.pl -i debug=true

in ~/bin. Just run oobuild with compile-command as you would 'make -k' normally.

If you, like some of us, are not blessed with an US-ASCII keyboard, you might want to remap C-x ` (next-error) to something else:

;; Make the sequence "C-x #" execute the `next-error' command, which
;; makes that a tad more accessible from a german keyboard (original
;; sequence is "C-x `").
(global-set-key "\C-x#" 'next-error)
;; or even one of the Fn keys, if you're so inclined
;(global-set-key 'f5 'next-error)

;; And while we're at it, why not make F12 be "compile"?
(global-set-key 'f12 'compile)

Now, edit, press F12 to compile, watch it break, and jump through all error places with C-x #.

I didn't have this shell script, so I wrote (well, pieced together from various sources) a Lisp version of it previously. It's intermingled with other OOo emacs settings here: http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/ooo-build/emacs.el?view=markup I should transfer the juicy bits to this page...

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