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Multi-range copy and paste

Specification Status
Author Kohei Yoshida
Last Change See wiki history
Status Integrated via CWS koheimultirangecopy


This feature extends Calc's current copy and paste functionality, to allow copying of a set of multiple non-contiguous ranges. When pasted, all copied data get consolidated into a single range either horizontally or vertically. There are some restrictions when ranges are being copied, in order to ensure that the pasted range become a rectangular range.


Reference Document Check Location (URL)
Issue ID (required) available Issue 25855
Test case specification (required) n/a


Role Name E-Mail Address
Developer Kohei Yoshida
Quality Assurance Oliver Craemer
Documentation up for grabs
User Experience up for grabs

Detailed Specification

When copying

When copying a set of non-contiguous ranges, the ranges must either

  • have the same row range i.e. identical begin/end row pair, or
  • have the same column range i.e. identical begin/end column pair.

If neither of these conditions is met, an error message will appear, and nothing gets copied to the clipboard.

The following additional restrictions apply when copying:

  • Only copying of non-contiguous ranges is allowed. Cutting is not allowed.
  • It copies cells even if they are filtered or hidden.
Example of copying ranges with identical column range
Example of copying ranges with identical row range

When pasting

When pasting, the non-contiguous ranges copied to the clipboard get consolidated into a single range before being pasted to the destination. How the ranges get consolidated depends on whether the ranges have identical column range (row-wise separation), or they have identical row range (column-wise separation). For row-wise separation, ranges join by removing empty rows between the copied ranges, while for column-wise separation, ranges join by removing empty columns in-between them.

In case the copied ranges have formulas, the normal paste action (Edit - Paste) pastes their formula values, not the formulas. However, you can still paste formulas by Edit - Paste Special.

Unlike the single-range paste, multi-range paste disregards any highlighted selection and resets selection to that of the pasted range; it does not repeat the data across the highlighted region like the single-range paste does.

Example of pasting ranges with identical column range
Example of pasting ranges with identical row range





File Format


Open Issues

  • When pasting ranges transposed, any drawing objects inside the copied ranges disappear after the paste. This doesn't happen during single-range paste.
  • When pasting multiple ranges to another application, only the first range is pasted.
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