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If you want to contribute to branding, please join our mailing list, for more specific information have a look at the sections below:

artwork to represent

The new logo and the gull symbol presented here constitute the basis of the artwork for

fresh branding ideas

Based on the Logo Usage Guidelines you can create artwork and post it to the branding list

As visual recognition of OOo in public is important, we are more likely to integrate into the OOo branding slight modifications than substantial changes that keep little more than the wording. However, even radical changes might become a basis for a long-term transition, so don't hesitate to share your ideas!Sally G 19:53, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

improvement to existing appearances

There are a lot of areas where is already represented by visual means. In order to create a consistent branding and visual design we need to find all the places where these graphics and designs are used.

Here we collect appearances of our branding elements in different areas along with the status of our work to adapt them to our branding. Please add any page that should be adapted too - and tell us about your work at the mailing list, as there is no central monitoring service for this wiki page.

coordination with other OOo project

Branding doesn't work, if our visual identity has no chance to become the basis for most (optimum: all) of's appearances in public. Therefore it is necessary to involve people from different areas inside the large OOo project in this task.

We need to spread the work about this initiative among all the OOo projects. Some of them are strongly involved in creation of visual elements and representation pf OOo in public, others are less related. People in the first group of projects will not only have to spread the work about the new Branding Initiative, but to serve as middleman between their own project and the Branding Initiative to get feedback from the project and help to make the project's artwork and graphical elements consistent with the general branding and visual design.

The most relevant projects in this area are:

  • Art and the Art team at Sun/Oracle: Creation of graphical elements for branding, UI and other areas as well as marketing material and other artwork based on the splash screen and other branding elements.
  • Website: Design of the website style to be used for the OOo project websites and collateral sites like wiki, templates and extensions.
  • Marketing: Usage of artwork created by the Art Project for online and and printed representation.
  • User Experience: Feedback of the general users and specified target groups on branding and visual identity.
  • Native Language: Localized artwork on website, other online and printed material in native language.
  • Documentation: Design of the official OOo documentation.
  • User Interface: Menues, buttons and windows inside OOo.

administration of the Branding Initiative

This is not really clear at the moment, but needs to be defined if there are discussions in future not leading to a final decision the entire team can agree to. We need to take care of the quality of artwork as well as the consistency of our branding.

If this works without a formal "administration", so much the better. But we shouldn't forget to update this paragraph, if it doesn't...

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