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The main mailing list for Base is Please us it when asking questions, describing problems, and the like.


You can read and search via the web frontend. We're also archived in the mail archive.

Alternatively (and better), subscribe to the list by sending a mail to

There's also a news gateway for the list, hosted by the brave souls over there at Gmane. gmane.comp.openoffice.dba.users is the group mirroring our list.

You can post to the list without being subscribed to it. However, note that in this case your mails have to pass moderation, which might delay them.


A mailing list scales much better than private mails to single persons: More people can read your mails and possibly answer it, and more people can learn from your answer. This is what "community" is about :)

So, usually it is a good idea to try the mailing list before sending private mail to any of the involved people (though there are exceptions, as to any rule).


There's also a developer's mailing list in the Base project, called, everything said above also applies to this list. Subscription is via sending a mail to, alternatively a news gateway exists at Gmane.

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