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Since the time got too short to introduce a new VCL TestTool for testing OOo 2.3 new VCL TestTool for testing OOo 2.3 we will go on now at the beginning of the OOo 2.4 tree to get a new testtool.

We tested the CWS gh13 with all available test scripts. Now we want to use the VCL TestTool based on SRC680m226 as the new default testtool for OOo 2.4. It is currently declared as beta version.

Beta testing

Since we found almost all regressions by testing the CWS gh13 we will reduce testing for this version. In the beta testing phase Hamburg StarOffice qa automation team will run the next master category test on the platforms for SRC680. It will take some time to start and evaluate the results, since OOo 2.3 is currently tested for release. Everybody else may also test the testtool version and report errors regarding the VCL TestTool application.

Test plan is to make sure the beta TestTool behaves like the current TestTool based on SRC680m50.

The testing is coordinated by TBO.

The beta test binaries succeeded the first.bas and topten.bas tests.

The testing should be done with a current OOo version from src680.(Current as of 04.09.2007 is src680m227).

The master tester will set the category he tests.

Currently existing downloadable VCL testtool binaries (SRC680m226). These are Standalone VCL_TestTool binaries.

Download size is 20MB each and about 60MB deflated on disk.
Platform / Download Master Tester Category Status
Solaris Intel MSC final
Solaris Sparc JSI final
Linux FHA final
Windows HDE final
MacOS X PPC X11 Canceled
MacOS X Intel X11 Canceled
MacOS X PPC Aqua based on SRC680m243 final - untested
MacOS X Intel Aqua based on SRC680m243 final - untested

Binaries are taken from Sun StarOffice builds, exept:

MacOS X PPC: this is based on Nakata Maho's builds

Final version

After the testtool is declared as final, this version will be used by Hamburg StarOffice qa team, and it is the reference for everybody else; If you find a bug or issue with an testtool other than the final testtool version you have to verify if it also comes up with the reference testtool.

We provide these references as reduced binaries from an OOo installation as VCL TestTool; 20MB compressed and 60MB deflated; These are meant for keeping a VCL TestTool on the computer. We strongly not recommend on using the TestTool version from the OOo package that comes with every build. We want to test OOo and not the TestTool - and thus you have to keep some things constant to be sure the found errors are in the OOo application and not in the TestTool! It sometimes happen, that changes to OOo break the TestTool - some are obvious, some not.

Currently known errors

Errors found during beta testing

These Errors on Mac OS X Intel are fixed in SRC680m243

Please insert the issues here.

MacOS Aqua: 81559 testtool: AQUA: -run parameter is being ignored (batch mode)

export AQUA_NATIVE_MENUS=false
before you start the

MacOS Aqua: 81645 testtool: AQUA: declare.bas is not useable

Workaround is to use X11 verison of OOo

Finished testing


Check list

  • create standalone binaries (TBO done)
  • run topten.bas and first.bas (TBO done)
  • checkin changes to standalone version (TBO done)
  • verify testtoolrc and insert timeout of 4 minutes (TBO done)
  • write Standalone VCL_TestTool wiki entry (TBO done)
  • upload binaries (TBO done)
  • announce beta in qa-dev (TBO done)
  • All binaries available, testing ist started: done: 20.09.2007
  • Wait for feedback of testers
  • Announce final VCL TestTool Application for 2.4: done: 22.01.2008
  • Insert information into static pages at done: 22.01.2008
  • Provide standalone binary for Mac OS X Intel: done: 28.02.2008
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