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The standalone version is a package with just the VCL TestTool binaries.
They are build as a reference for testing OOo:
All needed libraries are extracted from a complete OOo binary version and so it is just about 60MB in size.
This is done, to keep this TestTool on your computer and use it for testing OOo.
We strongly not recommend on using the TestTool version from the OOo package that comes with every build.
We want to test OOo and not the TestTool - and thus you have to keep some things constant to be sure the
found errors are in the OOo application and not in the TestTool!
It sometimes happen, that changes to OOo break the TestTool - some are obvious, some not.
We are interested in such errors, but not when we test OOo, then we realy want to be sure the errors are resulting from OOo!

How to build your own stand alone TestTool

  • Some excuse: it is an old perl script ;-)
  • You find it in cvs:
  • You need a file with the needed files for your platform file*.txt
There already exist some that you may use as template:
filelinx.txt, fileosx.txt, filesoli.txt, filesols.txt, filewin.txt
  • You further need either an OOo installation or the build directories;
  • You start the creation by calling the script with some parameters: file...txt /office_installation/ /createhere/
  • The script is a little dumb, so please respect the following:
    • All paths have to end with the path seperator
    • If you create from an office installation, don't include the program directory, use the path with out program directory
not home/OOo2.3/program/, -> use home/OOo2.3/
    • If you use an build environment, use the lib path: /SRX644/
  • At the end the missing libraries are reported;
  • If you used an OOo installation you miss the icon package; download here and extrakt into your testtool directory
  • If you use the source directory, you miss the file services.rdb, take it from an OOo installation.
  • You end up with the directory and a tar file; The tar file is just for easy extracting in another place, since it keeps the symlinks.

If standalone version does not work

  • If starting the created standalone version does not work, e.g. crashes, then you have to try the TestTool inside the OOo installation.
  • win32, linux, solaris: Just try to start testtool.bin inside the program directory:
    • It works - then there are files missing inside the standalone version. Raise an issue to TBO with the output of the creation prozess.
    • It does not work: raise an issue to GH


For MacOS X you may create an Application like the OOo Application package. A quick way would be:

  • Make a copy of the to
  • In the file change 'soffice.bin' to 'testtool.bin'
  • Root - CFBundleExecuteable
  • It is recommended to use the 'Property List Editor', but I think you need the XCode developer package for this.
  • Then it is just a click on Info.plist to start the editor.
  • Delete all fileextension associations in Info.plist before starting, and maybe set the extensions inc, bas, win, sid, lst!
  • Root - CFBundleDocumentTypes
  • Set the creator code to OOT2; Complete list at end of issue 60840
  • Root - CFBundleSignature
  • Start by clicking TestTool in Finder
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