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We are the OpenOffice.org User Experience Community. Our intention is to improve the usefullness and usability of OpenOffice.org for our users. We work in close cooperation with development, quality assurance, Sun's User Experience Design Organizations, marketing, documentation, and – last not least – the OpenOffice.org community. We use methods and strategies in the areas of user-centered software design, user research, expert evaluation and UI-design to achieve our main goal, to make our products more successful in the market.

Name mail@openoffice.org Notes Affiliation
Bettina Haberer bh User Experience Engineer Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Lutz Hoeger lh StarOffice User Experience Team Lead Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Christian Jansen cj User Experience Engineer Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Frank Loehmann FL User Experience Engineer Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Matthias Müller-Prove mmp User Experience Engineer and Interaction Designer Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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