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I manage an operations team with 12 engineers at Oracle which works for Oracle Open Office and The team includes 3 engineers for Build Environment, 2 Program Manager, 1 User Experience engineer and 7 QA engineers. The team is located in Hamburg, Germany. One small sub-task for the team is to work on evaluation customer escalations for OOo and OrOO (sustaining). Especially one Program Manager works with the support team of Oracle. The rest of the team works nearly all the time for and with the OOo community. The name of the team is (enterprise like) "Build Environment/QA Sustaining".

Who works in my team (some highlights for the OOo community)?

  • Heiner Rechtien : technical lead for build environment
  • Uwe Luebbers : regular member of the OOo Release Status Meeting and Program Manager for QA related tasks
  • Frank Loehmann : project lead for UX project on OOo
  • Stefan Baltzer : OOo team lead for QA of Writer
  • Thorsten Martens : OOo team lead for QA of Framework
  • Ivo Hinkelmann : responsible engineer for integrating the translation and building the L10N builds for general testing

Since 2003 I was the team lead/manager of the Quality Assurance team for Open Office at StarDivision, later Sun Microsystems and now Oracle. This team was part of the Operations Team. I started as tester for StarOffice in 1996. After short time I was responsible to integrate VCLTesttool in general testing process and started with writing test scripts for all OOo application. The first team I lead was the Automated Testing team inside the Quality Assurance. At the end 22 QA engineers worked in QA team.

In February 2009 a restructuring in the Operations team was done. All teams were mixed to get new synergies between different departments and "infiltrate" all parts of operations with QA knowledge.

The responsibilities in my team are to support the Build Environment and the needed tooling for the community, supporting (making) Quality Assurance for, supporting (making) User Experience tasks for, support the L10N teams with their translation work flow and to work on customer escalations for Oracle Open Office/StarOffice and

If you are interested in working with the community, please join the teams and visit their sites.

Mail : thorstenziehm at

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