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Buildbot: Bigger, Better, Buildier

  • Session description (P)

In this talk we will give a brief introduction the buildbot as well as discuss and demonstrate several exciting new features. Buildbot is a system similar in purpose to tinderbox for the automatic generation of builds on multiple platforms. However, buildbot very flexible and we have bent it into new shapes for Our improvements scratch several old itches such as change-triggered builds, easier client-side config, and ready-for-qa triggered install-set generation. We have also added several exciting new features such as the "try" facility, which allows a developer to build from just a patch. Additionally, we will demonstrate the new arbitrary data regression system, which enables the regression testing and tracking of nearly any kind of data. This system is quite powerful because it allows one to track based on groupings such as a cws vs the milestone is based off or the relative memory performance per arch relative to the milestone, etc.

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Development > Tools for Development

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Presentation/Case Study/Workshop

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    • Shaun McDonald
    • Michael Leibowtiz
  • Short Biography (P) optional
    • Shaun McDonald has been working in the community for the past 2 years. He has been mostly interested in the Mac Port of He has taken on the Mac Porting Web site revamp, some QA work, and is an owner of a Mac buildbot.
  • URL of your home page / blog etc (P) optional
  • Job Title / Position in the Community (P) optional
    • Hopefully Just Graduated Student / Mac Porting [web] developer/tester
    • Developer
  • Company / Project Name (P) optional
    • Independent / Porting ooo project
    • Intel
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address
    • 45 Sighthill Terrace, Edinburgh, EH11 4QH, UK
    • US
  • Contact Telephone Number (Mobile / cell phone preferred for use at OOoCon) optional
    • +447879610632
    • +1
  • Request for travel subsidy (amount and reason) optional

Michael Leibowitz

Short Bio

Michael Leibowitz works for the Intel Corporation as a software engineer. He currently creates custom tooling to support Channel Software Engineering. Prior to that, he was a full-time contributor working on performance and more nebulous developer community issues. He is the founder of the wiki as well as the maintainer of the buildbot.

Postal Address

2111 NE 25th Avenue JF3-202 Hillsboro, OR 97124 USA

Telephone =

+1 503 264 7621

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