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Ericb 00:14, 30 January 2008 (CET)

Copie of the most important part of the mail from the January 24th (sent to project_leads list)

Object: reverse the 2000 euros funded for WWDC 2007, to the Association Cusoon (see below for all details)

For memory, the content of the initial mail :

""""""""""""""" Quote """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""


Reading :

A fund of 2000 euros has been accorded to the Mac OS X porting project, to fund expenses for WWDC 2007.

All receipts (Philipp Lohmann, and me) have been forwarded to Christian Hardy (if I'm not wrong). The awaited report has been put there :

The issue is, at this time, no money has been reversed yet. I believed Cusoon would have asked something but nothing has been done, my fault.

It is now urgent to find a solution, and I suggest the money to be reversed to Cusoon directly.

Is it possible to directly reverse the 2000 euros to Cusoon ? (would solve a lot of problems )

FYI, the bank account is given there : , and Christian Hardy, on CC, will certainly help in case of problem.

I hope I forgot nothing important.

Looking forward seeing this problem to be solved, and thanks again for the WWDC 2007 funding ! Eric Bachard

"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" End Quote """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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