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Voice your opinion on the Marketing wiki.

Please try to keep the length of your opinion to two lines of text and add your name first!

  • Steven Pauwels I really like the intensity that showed in the list when this was started :). I'll work on presenting my ideas on marketing support and post them.
  • Chad Smith I hope that this Wiki becomes the hub of the Marketing project.
  • Sigrid Kronenberger I think, this wiki a a really good chance, to involve more users to the Marketing Project. I hope that this wiki is constantly used and that a lot of work can be done with all the collaborative work here and the different lists.
  • The Digital Pioneer This wiki is a great idea. I've been wanting a better way to find art projects that I think I could contribute to for a long time (well... sort of).
  • Cristian Driga OK. So, what would push OOo's product recognition and adoption further these days ? Write your craziest ideas here Brainstorm-What would push OOo further. (Small sections of 1-2 paragraphs with username/timestamp.) Who gives the first shot ? :-)
  • Jeff Causey I have added a page for the Strategic Marketing Plan. Feel free to help, though it will probably be good practice for me.
  • Cristian Driga Jeff, please announce on the list and everybody, please try to follow a naming convention for pages under marketing (like the one recommended in the Instructions ?). By doing a search I discovered that John already started creating a page for Strategic Marketing Plan but did not linked anywhere and did not announced yet. See Marketing/SMP/Introduction
  • James Walker I would like to see a page with a list of active people on the marketing project. Kind of a get to know the team type page.
  • Cristian Driga - James, I have added such a list: Marketing Volunteers List
  • Cristian Driga - I have created the Drafts category and renamed the Incubator to Drafts as discussed on the list. See Marketing index page for links there.

Suggestions for changes to Marketing section

Hi, all.

I use MediaWiki software for a lot of different projects, and am familiar with a variety of implementations/purposes. I have some suggestions on the protocols outlined in the guidelines section of Marketing. I believe that if implemented, contributing to the wiki will be easier.

Please consider the suggestions indivdiually, so that they can be implemented if there is no dissent.

--RealGrouchy 05:35, 21 February 2006 (CET)

Names of pages

Firstly, we should be using [[Marketing/Pagename]], not [[Marketing--Pagename]], as the former is recognized by the Wiki software as being a subpage of [[Marketing]]. That way, a link to Marketing will be created automatically at the top of each page that is thusly formatted. (Incidentally, there are a lot of pages that aren't following this which I can fix soon if there is a desire for me to do so).

UPDATE 07:23, 23 February 2006 (CET)

Following my previous suggestions, which were generally unopposed, I made some changes to the Marketing page:
  • Removed all those ugly links: Many were just a list of sections on m.OO.o, and were therefore redundant to it. Many also were redundant to the new Marketing template.
  • Refocused intent of page: Following recent discussions, I changed the page to reflect the consensus(?) that the wiki is for development of pages only, so not for general visitors (as with the above-mentioned links), and not to act as a storage place for resources.
  • Revised editing instructions: The previous "ask, wait for consensus, then create the page" goes against the idea of a Wiki. These instructions were likely because of general unfamiliarity with Wiki technology. I have revised the instructions to encourage people to contribute without so many cumbersome steps. If there are minor problems, they can be fixed individually. If it becomes a general problem, we can revert to previous instructions.
RealGrouchy 07:23, 23 February 2006 (CET)

Version timestamps for wiki pages

UPDATED RealGrouchy 19:53, 23 February 2006 (CET):

I have created a template at Template:Dummy for help in tracking differences between the wiki versions of website pages and the most recent version on the website. Instructions and more details are available at Template_talk:Dummy.

This will help us work on existing m.OO.o pages on the wiki.

- RealGrouchy 19:53, 23 February 2006 (CET)

Let me know if i can do anything to help out --Joer80 22:18, 20 July 2006 (CEST)

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