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Setup - Bundled/Integrated Extensions

Specification Status
Author Lutz Hoeger
Last Change Jun 17, 2010
Status (Help) Standard


Integrated extensions - such as dictionaries for spell checking - will be displayed in the OOo installer module selection (during custom installation). This allows users to gain more control over what will be installed on their system. At the same time, managing such extensions (remove, update) will be moved from the extension manager into the application installer.


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Role Name E-Mail Address
Developer Joachim Lingner
Quality Assurance Olaf Felka
Documentation Uwe Fischer

Detailed Specification

This document distinguishes between bundled extensions and integrated extensions.

Bundled Extensions:

  • The extension package is co-located with the main product installer. This can be in a separate directory, next to the installer, or on an additional medium.
  • There is no integration into the installation process of the main product.
  • The purpose of bundled extensions is to achieve a moderate level of convenience for users, and to add value to the overall product bundling.

Integrated Extensions:

  • The extension is part of the installation package of the main application. It is installed via the main product installer.
  • The purpose of integrated extensions is to add functionality to the main product, while maintaining the flexibility given by extensions.
  • Typical integrated extensions - such as dictionaries for spell checking - will be displayed in the OOo installer module selection (during custom installation).
  • On Windows and Unix, user can de-select items; on Mac, all items will be installed
  • At the same time, managing integrated extensions (remove, update) will be removed from the Extension Manager and put into the application installer.
  • Integrated extensions shall not ping for updates. Any update available will be deployed exclusively via later releases of the main product OOo.

Display of Dictionaries:

  • Location in setup: Optional Components, #1 after Java
  • Module name: Dictionaries
  • Module description: Spelling and hyphenation dictionaries and thesauri
  • Default: ON (incl. all sub-modules, according to spellchecker selection per language specific installation set)
  • Sub-modules: See list below.


Note: The set of dictionaries actually included in a language specific installation set – or in a multi language set – does not change. The following list just enlists all dictionary languages possibly shipped in OOo.

The set of languages display in setup should be sorted alphabetically by Module name.

Language Module Name Module description
af Afrikaans Afrikaans spell checker
pt Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese Spelling Dictionary - 1990 Spelling Agreement
ca Catalan Spelling and hyphenation dictionaries and thesaurus for Catalan language (general)
cs Czech Czech thesaurus
da Danish Spelling and hyphenation dictionary for Danish
nl Dutch Dutch spelling and hyphenation dictionaries
en-US English English spelling and hyphenation dictionaries and thesaurus
et Estonian Estonian spelling and hyphenation dictionaries
fr French French "Classic and Reform 1990" spelling, thesaurus and hyphenation
gl Galician Galician spellchecker dictionary for
de-AT German (Austria) German (AT-frami) spelling, hyphenation, thesaurus
de-DE German (Germany) German (DE-frami) spelling, hyphenation, thesaurus
de-CH German (Switzerland) German (CH-frami) spelling, hyphenation, thesaurus
he Hebrew Hebrew spell check dictionary
hu Hungarian Hungarian spelling dictionary, hyphenation patterns, and thesaurus
it Italian Italian spelling and hyphenation dictionaries and thesaurus
ku-TR Kurdish (Turkey) Kurdish (Turkey) spell check dictionary
lt Lithuanian Lithuanian spelling and hyphenation dictionaries
ne Nepali Nepali spelling dictionary and thesaurus
no Norwegian Norwegian dictionaries (Nynorsk and Bokmål)
pl Polish Polish spell check dictionary, hyphenation rules and thesaurus
ro Romanian Romanian Dictionaries
ru Russian Russian hyphenation dictionary and thesaurus
sr Serbian Serbian spelling and hyphenation dictionaries
sk Slovak Slovak spell check dictionary, hyphenation rules and thesaurus
sl Slovenian Slovenian dictionary pack
es Spanish Spanish spelling dictionary
sw Swahili Swahili spelling dictionary
sv Swedish Swedish Dictionary
th Thai Thai spelling dictionary
vi Vietnamese Vietnamese spellchecker dictionary
zu Zulu Zulu hyphenation dictionary

Help | User Interface Element Templates | Example Spec


Accessibility not impacted.


Bundled dictionaries in OOo versions previous to 3.3 were installed as shared extensions. Shared extensions are not migrated.

As of 3.3 bundled extensions will always be removed when uninstalling OOo. They are therefore not eligible for being migrated.


Bundled extensions can be configured if they provide their own options pages in OOo's options dialog.

Help | Configuration Table Template

Open Issues

  • Integrated extensions still show up in the Extension Manager. This is considered a minor impact, as the user cannot change such extension in this place. Issue will be resolved in the future.
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