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Current Situation

As you all know users complain about its cumbersome and outdated graphical user interface GUI). A great deal of functionality is hidden in many overstuffed toolbars, poorly structured menus and complex dialogs Functions are thus difficult to access for novice users or too inefficient to use for expert users In addition, the GUI offers an antiquated look & feel which is hardly capable to communicate innovation and to create joy of use.

Since recently, our major rival started to seek for experience-based differentiation by focusing on usage efficiency and a visually appealing interface. With an inefficient and visually unattractive graphical user interface, it will be hard to motivate users of competitive offerings to switch to In addition, we will face difficulties entering and growing in market segments with users who value a fresh look & feel and an easy to access and use functionality.

What has to Change? needs to provide an User interface that becomes the users' choice not only out of need but also out of desire.

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