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Meeting Details

  • 2010-01-18, 4:25 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: frankl)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC:clu_sun)
  • Elizabeth Matthis (IRC: lizm)
  • Daniel Rhodes-Mumby (IRC: DanielRM)


  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


<FrankL> Hi!
<FrankL> Sorry for being late. 
<FrankL> We just had our weekly Renaissance meeting witht he Impress team.
<FrankL> Today it was all about the selection behavior:
* clu_sun (n=cl114686@nat/sun/x-kjbpiqtaddhdfeeh) hat betreten
<lizm> Hi
<FrankL> Hi Liz!
<lizm> I guess the developers were talking off your ear again. ;-)
<FrankL> :-)
<lizm> Just FYI for the minutes: Two weeks ago, Christoph Noack took part in the Renaissance_Impress iTeam meeting. See his blogs
<FrankL> Indeed we had a very technical discussion about what is possible at the moment. But Christian Lippka encouraged us to go ahead and let them solve the technical stuff. That is what I will do :-)
<FrankL> Thank you Liz for taking the minutes.
<lizm> Yes, the meeting is face to face at the Sun office with the developers to discuss implementation. Thank you , Frank, for discussing the points on the mailing list.
<lizm> It is not our intention to have anything going on behind closed doors
<lizm> And it has been great with the UX community putting in comments and suggestions as usual.
<FrankL> The mailing list is currently an internal one.
<lizm> No, I mean the UX-UI list
<FrankL> OK
<lizm> Do we have any action items or new points to discuss?
<FrankL> The status bar of OOo will be visually reworked for OOo 3.3. See the follwoing issue for details:
<IZBot> issue 108321: framework FEATURE NEW P3 Remove Group Boxes from Status Bar
<FrankL> Thank you IZBot ;-)
<FrankL> That is all from my side for today.
<FrankL> See you next week!
<FrankL> Bye.
* clu_sun hat die Verbindung getrennt ("Leaving")
<lizm> bye
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