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Meeting Details

  • 2009-06-08, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas)
  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: FrankL)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • Elizabeth Matthis

Agenda Items

  • Review of old action items
  • Round Table

Action Items

Date Description Owner Status
2009-01-19/4 Compatitive Analysis none Stalled

Comments on Action Items

- Competitive analysis will be conducted by community member(s). Analysis will be based on findings from our user surveys. It is important that we get first insights as soon as possible in order to use them for prototyping.

Round Table

  • N/A


== IRC Log ==
lizm: hi folks
[16:00] clu_sun: moin
[16:01] Andreas_Sun: hi liz, everyone
[16:01] FrankL: Hi!
[16:02] lizm: is martin coming today?
[16:02] Andreas_Sun: don't know
[16:02] Andreas_Sun: did not get any message from martin
[16:03] Andreas_Sun: maybe we should start anyway
[16:03] FrankL: Last Monday was a public holiday here in Germany.
[16:04] FrankL: So we have to talk about the project status presentation.
[16:04] Andreas_Sun: so, let's go through the task list
[16:04] Andreas_Sun: ok
[16:04] lizm: I hope nobody was waiting for a meeting here 
[16:04] Andreas_Sun: let's start then with the status presentation
[16:05] FrankL: The presentation took place on Friday, May 29.
[16:05] FrankL: Please find the presentation here:
[16:06] linuxtogo hat den Chatroom betreten.
[16:06] FrankL: We had to use the PDF format this time because we exceeded the 2MB file size limit 
[16:07] linuxtogo hat den Chatroom verlassen. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[16:07] lizm: My task of writing a blog to sum up the call for proposals is Done. "summary" was a term someone else used, not realizing that in English "sum up" and "summary" can mean different things. I hope everyone found my blog informative anyway.
[16:08] lizm: Shall I update the wiki page with the task list as we go through it?
[16:08] Andreas_Sun: yes please
[16:08] Andreas_Sun: someone any news from the competitive analysis?
[16:08] linuxtogo hat den Chatroom betreten.
[16:09] Andreas_Sun: don't know who took the action item
[16:09] Andreas_Sun: was that Miroslav?
[16:09] Andreas_Sun: and Jaron?
[16:10] FrankL: FYI: Martin D. is out of office until June 16th 2009.
[16:11] Andreas_Sun: ok, good to know
[16:11] lizm: I saw that at least Miroslav had a couple of mails with Christoph regarding where to publish comp analysis. What about the to do Publish feedback from proposal contributors as blog, clu?
[16:11] Andreas_Sun: that was c. noack's task
[16:12] lizm: ok I'll leave as in progress
[16:13] clu_sun: @liz: not with me
[16:13] Andreas_Sun: ok next
[16:13] Andreas_Sun: proposal reviews are also finished know
[16:14] Andreas_Sun: for competitive analysis we might ask christoph or miroslav about the progress
[16:16] lizm: I wrote in progress in the talble just now because I have seen a few messages on the list about this, so I know he is researching already
[16:16] Andreas_Sun: ok
[16:17] FrankL: I have no update on the progress of the deinstallation survey. I guess it is still in localization process. Will ask Rosana after this meeting.
[16:17] lizm: ok
[16:17] lizm: do we have new tasks?
[16:18] Andreas_Sun: prepare Scrum project for prototyping
[16:19] lizm: should I already put in "prep status rep for June" as new?
[16:19] lizm: ok, gott it andreas
[16:19] Andreas_Sun: sure (status presentation)
[16:19] lizm: ok
[16:22] lizm: any other new tasks?
[16:23] Andreas_Sun: i don't have any
[16:23] lizm: who is the owner of status rep June? Frank? or All?
[16:23] Andreas_Sun: all
[16:24] lizm: ok
[16:24] lizm: If that is everything, then have a good day or evening everyone!
[16:25] FrankL: June status report will be on June 26. Will be my last day before my 2 week vacation.
[16:25] FrankL: So I will take that one 
[16:27] Andreas_Sun: ok
[16:27] lizm: got it
[16:28] lizm: hey who else is editing hte wiki page? I said I would do it.
[16:28] FrankL: Thats it from my side.
[16:28] FrankL: That was me in front of this meeting 
[16:29] lizm: Grrrrr now  I have to merge my changes. Oh well. everybody out now so I am the only one editing, please. Thx
[16:29] FrankL: and I have added the to do for Andreas 
[16:29] lizm: ThanskGoodbye all
[16:29] FrankL: Bye!
[16:29] clu_sun hat den Chatroom verlassen. ("Leaving")
[16:31] Andreas_Sun: bye bye
== IRC Log ==
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