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<small>[[Renaissance:Status_Meetings|<< Back to Renaissance Status Minutes Page]]</small><br>
<small>[[Renaissance:Status_Meetings|<< Back to Renaissance Status Minutes Page]]</small><br>
'''Meeting Details'''
'''Meeting Details'''

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Meeting Details

  • 2009-02-23, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details: irc.freenode.net #ux.openoffice.org

In Attendance

  • Andreas Bartel
  • Christoph Lukasiak


  • Review of old action items
  • Round Table

Action Items

Date Description Owner Status
2009-01-19/1 ODF document analyzer Andreas Stalled
2009-01-19/2 User survey 2009 Frank Running
2009-02-02/1 Usage Tracking marketing text lizm In progress
2009-01-19/3 User Tracking Functionality Andreas In progress
2009-02-02/2 IsoMetrics-L in Florida Andreas Closed
2009-01-19/4 Compatitive Analysis Frank In progress
2009-01-19/5 Ethnographic research Andreas In progress

Comments on Action Items

  • 2009-01-19/2: Survey is up and running but not for all languages
  • 2009-01-19/3: Currently, QA can not test. A work-around is being developed
  • 2009-02-02/2: Andreas will analyze data this week
  • 2009-01-19/5: Site visit in Munich planned for the first week in April

Round Table

  • N/A


Andreas__: hi everyone
[16:00] clu_sun: moin
[16:00] Andreas__: martin, are you here?
[16:01] Andreas__: martin excused himself today, he won't make it. I was just wondering because he's listed
[16:01] Andreas__: so, who's here today?
[16:02] Andreas__: Liz & Frank are out of office today
[16:03] Andreas__: chris, are we the only ones attending today?
[16:04] clu_sun: no idea
[16:04] Andreas__: well, ok then. i will give a short update of what is going on with the action items
[16:05] Andreas__: 1. ODF document analyzer is still not making any progress
[16:05] Andreas__: so no changes there
[16:06] Andreas__: 2. User Survey 2009 is up and running. We have already over 800 responses (today's status at 10am)
[16:06] Andreas__: not all available languages are running but this will change over time
[16:06] Andreas__: currently it is planned to run this survey till mid of March, latest.
[16:07] Andreas__: then we should be a nice overview of what OOo is being used for
[16:07] Andreas__: the data is vital for upcoming decisions
[16:08] Andreas__: 3. Usage tracking Marketing Text: no update here. I guess Liz is working on that
[16:09] Andreas__: 4. Usage Tracking Functionality: To my knowledge, most critical bugs are fixed. We can track keyboard short-cuts, toolbar events and menue events
[16:09] Andreas__: currently, dev is working on a work-around to enable QA to test it with current testing tools
[16:10] Andreas__: this is a problem, but I guess dev will figure out a way to help out
[16:11] Andreas__: 5. IsoMetrics-L from Florida: overall 9 users have responded who filled out the survey completely. that is a lot less than I have hoped for. however, written feedback is available and I will start evaluating the results this week
[16:12] Andreas__: 6. Compatitive Analysis: no update here
[16:14] Andreas__: 7. Ethnographic research: currently, it is planned to go to Munich during the first week of April
[16:15] Andreas__: and finally, something that was not yet on the list
[16:16] mdamboldt heißt jetzt mdamboldt_away.
[16:16] Andreas__: Mike Hall and Jaron Kuppers have analyzed the data from a small survey that investigated what users would pick: MSO2007 or OOo 3.0, and for what reasons
[16:16] Andreas__: I will upload their summary to the wiki later today
[16:17] Andreas__: basically, they confirmed that compatibility is still a major issue when choosing an office productivity tool
[16:17] Andreas__: for more, check out the link later
[16:18] Andreas__: i guess that's ut
[16:18] Andreas__: it
[16:18] Andreas__: roundtable 
[16:19] clu_sun: i have nothing
[16:19] Andreas__: i have the impression that then we're done
[16:19] clu_sun: fine
[16:19] Andreas__: ok. then talk to you next week
[16:20] Andreas__: bye
[16:20] clu_sun: ok. bye
== IRC Log ==
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