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<small>[[Renaissance:Status_Meetings|<< Back to Renaissance Status Minutes Page]]</small><br>
<small>[[Renaissance:Status_Meetings|<< Back to Renaissance Status Minutes Page]]</small><br>
'''Meeting Details'''
'''Meeting Details'''

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Meeting Details

  • 2009-02-09, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details: irc.freenode.net #ux.openoffice.org

In Attendance


  • Review of old action items

Action Items

Date Description Owner Status
2009-01-19/1 ODF document analyzer Andreas Stalled
2009-01-19/2 User survey 2009 Frank In progress
2009-02-02/1 Usage Tracking marketing text lizm In progress
2009-01-19/3 User Tracking Functionality Andreas In progress
2009-02-02/2 IsoMetrics-L in Florida Andreas In progress
2009-01-19/4 Compatitive Analysis Frank In progress
2009-01-19/5 Ethnographic research Andreas In progress

Comments on Action Items

2009-01-19/1: Still looking for contributions

2009-01-19/2: Should be ready by the end of this week

2009-02-02/1: Liz is preparing text with Kay Koll

2009-01-19/3: We need to clarify status of keyboard tracking

2009-02-02/3: So far not a lot of feedback, context is vague

2009-01-19/4: Frank is taking over the action item

2009-01-19/5: No time yet


[15:54] clu_sun: moin, where i can find the agenda for today?
[15:56] Andreas__: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Renaissance:Status_Meetings:2009-02-09
[15:56] Andreas__: but its empty
[15:56] Andreas__: no items today
[15:56] Andreas__: at leat no specific items
[15:57] clu_sun: ok
[15:58] lizm: Where is martin?
[15:59] lizm: Should we just go ahead?
[15:59] Andreas__: Martin is busy today, he asked me to go through the items
[15:59] lizm: ok
[16:00] Andreas__: we should probably start in a minute
[16:00] Andreas__: ok, now 
[16:00] frankl: Ok
[16:00] Andreas__: so, let's go through the action items
[16:01] Andreas__: ODF analyzer
[16:01] Andreas__: I did continue a bit last friday
[16:01] Andreas__: however, did not have a lot of time to do much, still looking for contributions
[16:02] Andreas__: i contacted Svante for some help, but he's on leave currently and could not respond
[16:02] Andreas__: at least not that much
[16:02] Andreas__: so, not a lot is happening with this aItem
[16:02] Andreas__: 2. User survey 2
[16:02] Andreas__: what's up Frank?
[16:03] frankl: We had more input than expected after reeasing the draft to the community last week.
[16:03] frankl: We need some aditional questions regarding performance.
[16:04] mdamboldt: Hi! Sorry for beeing late....
[16:04] frankl: Translation to Frensh has been provided by Sophie from the Community. Dutch maybe follow next week.
[16:05] frankl: I think we could have a final draft of the survey by Wednesday this week.
[16:05] mba hat den Chatroom betreten.
[16:05] Andreas__: @Martin: you want to continue?
[16:05] frankl: Then present translations have to be updated until end of this week before we could release the survey.
[16:06] mdamboldt: Andreas: I would be glad if you would go ahead.
[16:06] Andreas__: ok
[16:07] Andreas__: so let's try to fix the survey by the end of this week
[16:07] Andreas__: that would be great
[16:07] Andreas__: anything else to add to this item?
[16:08] frankl: Not from my side.
[16:08] Andreas__: ok. next item is Usage tracking in 3.1
[16:08] lizm: In Progress. I spoke with Kay in marketing about it and he said there are many things the text has to cover (addressing users' fears, explaining the functionality, etc), so he and I are working on the text together now.
[16:09] Andreas__: very nice, due date?
[16:09] Andreas__: i think this action item is not on the list yet?
[16:09] lizm: I didn't discuss one with him
[16:09] lizm: I said asap
[16:09] lizm: but that isn't very exact is it.
[16:10] Andreas__: as soon as it's done before release of 3.1
[16:10] Andreas__: then it's fine I guess
[16:10] lizm: But it is on the list in the Feb 2 minutes
[16:10] Andreas__: I mean I don't see in on the Project Action Items
[16:11] Andreas__: in the wiki, we should put it in there
[16:11] lizm: That's true
[16:11] Andreas__: ok, back to status of Usage Tracking
[16:12] Andreas__: it will appear in 3.1, however with some limitations, keyboard support will be missing
[16:12] Andreas__: that is something for later releases
[16:12] Andreas__: any comments to this one?
[16:12] mdamboldt: Andreas__: What exactly means "keyboard support will be missing"? We don't log any keyboard events?
[16:13] Andreas__: exactly
[16:13] lizm: Only eye tracking  ha ha
[16:13] Andreas__: as far as I got it right, currently only mouse event in toolbars and menus are tracked
[16:13] Andreas__: less than optimal, but it works
[16:13] Andreas__: a good start, i gues
[16:14] lizm: better than nothing and a very good start
[16:14] Andreas__: exactly
[16:15] Andreas__: 3. Ethnographic reseach
[16:15] mdamboldt: Andreas__: So if a user press "Ctrl-S" to save a document we wont record that?
[16:15] Andreas__: no 
[16:15] Andreas__: I know it's bad, but that's the current status
[16:15] Andreas__: 3.1.1 should include that then
[16:16] clu_sun: keyboard tracking without tracking sensitive data like passwords sounds difficult ..
[16:16] mba: mdamboldt: I'm not sure that this is true
[16:17] Andreas__: that's at least the status from the last meating I was in last week
[16:18] Andreas__: @mba: you have different news?
[16:18] mba: We will not track the keyboard event (that doesn't make sense in e.g. a word processor), but it's possible that we track the execution of the accelerator (at least we should, I'm currently checking)
[16:18] mdamboldt: All: Just talked to Bjoern by phone and he will double check this, too. 
[16:19] Andreas__: ok
[16:19] lizm: BTW: Who updates the project AI list? Do I have to put my AI there or is it Martin? I don't care either way, just so we know the handling in general.
[16:20] Andreas__: martin usually handles that, right? but we're responsible for status updates
[16:20] mdamboldt: lizm: I started initially to have one location for everything. Feel free to add stuff discussed.
[16:20] Andreas__: ok, next item is Ethnographic research
[16:22] Andreas__: no progress here so far, I am currently too busy with the surveys
[16:22] Andreas__: we'll have to see how we could manage to do that at all
[16:23] lizm: Thanks mdamboldt.BTW, I'm glad to have more exact info on the usage tracking so I can have it in the marketing text correctly. So it is good that mba and martin are checking this now.
[16:23] Andreas__: you also have nothing new on that topics, martin, right?
[16:23] mdamboldt: Correct
[16:24] Andreas__: by the way. I posted a link to the discuss list last Friday. It's a video tutorial about Mental Models from Indie Yound. Anyone who's interested in qualitative research should watch that one. Very good!
[16:25] Andreas__: any comments to this aItem?
[16:26] mdamboldt: I haven't watched the vieo yet.
[16:26] lizm: about an hour long, right Andreas?
[16:26] Andreas__: it's about 60 minutes long, a real lecture 
[16:26] Andreas__: right liz
[16:27] Andreas__: so anyone who's interested in contributing qualitative data, might learn how it's done from that video
[16:28] Andreas__: so next item then
[16:28] lizm: ->mdamboldt and mba: any further news on usage tracking right now or can you mail me later
[16:29] Andreas__: competitive analysis
[16:29] Andreas__: needs a new owner since bettina is busy with other things/projects
[16:29] Andreas__: any volunteers?
[16:30] frankl: I propose to make a CA when going into details.
[16:31] Andreas__: ok
[16:32] Andreas__: the rest of aItems is open but the last
[16:32] Andreas__: IsoMetrics-L is currently running in Florida
[16:33] Andreas__: have 7 respods so far, results are mixed and to few people comments on the problems they have with OOo
[16:33] Andreas__: might be due to different reasons: motivation, survey questions, effort etc....
[16:33] Andreas__: I will wait two weeks more and then see what we have
[16:34] Andreas__: not so cool is also the fact that the context in that case is not really clear/known
[16:35] Andreas__: however, those who did give feedback contributed very interesting information
[16:35] Andreas__: particularly problems with styles, but I need to dig deeper here
[16:37] Andreas__: when that survey is finished, IsoMetrics-L will be rolled out Sun-Wide. I hope that will result in more written feedback and a better understanding of the context OOo is used
[16:37] Andreas__: so, I guess we're through with action items
[16:38] Andreas__: round table
[16:38] mdamboldt: I've nothing to raise today.
[16:38] lizm: Maybe I'll find the time to review more of the IsoM-L questions before the Sun survey goes out. They may be hampering the participants. 
[16:39] Andreas__: that would be great liz!
[16:39] Andreas__: I really think that it's necessary
[16:39] Andreas__: however, if you're finished by end of February, that's OK!
[16:40] lizm: It is just sooooo long. Ok, end of Feb is a good target
[16:40] Andreas__: thanks!
[16:41] lizm: are we done
[16:41] Andreas__: i guess so
[16:41] Andreas__: anyone, any comments?
[16:42] mdamboldt: no
[16:42] lizm: bye!
[16:42] mdamboldt: bye
[16:42] Andreas__: bye liz
[16:42] lizm hat den Chatroom verlassen. ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox]")
[16:43] Andreas__: ok then, talk to you next week!
[16:43] frankl: bye!
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