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The prototyping phase has been started on Friday, 12 June 2009. This phase is limited to six weeks and ends on July 24. Prototypes will be made public when ready.


Building a flexible framework for prototyping to test promising UI designs with real users.



  • Fr., 12 June: Kick-Off meeting with team & sponsors
  • Mo., 15 June: Kick-off meeting with prototyping team
    • Using Java for prototyping
    • Create a modular prototype to be able to make different versions of a UI concept
    • starting with sliding prototype
    • Slider implementation (Bernd)
    • Document canvas, slide pane and statusbar (Andre)
  • Tues., 16 June: Daily status meeting
    • Two Java separated based prototypes of a prototype
    • ToDo:
      • Add a control window so set prototype and window sizes
      • Join prototypes and extend sliding
  • Wed., 17 June: Daily status meeting
    • ToDo:
      • Prepare a tabbed prototype (Andre)
      • Optimize scrolling (Bernd)
      • Provide toolbar content as bitmaps (Frank)
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