Renaissance:Phase 2

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Incorporate research data

  • Analyze quantitative/qualitative data to understand usage/users
  • Create personas based on the analysis

Focus on the personas' characteristics

  • Create scenarios for key functionalities

Define information architecture from the scenarios

  • Flow charts

Generate design ideas using the scenarios

Paper / wire frame prototypes

Finished Action Items

Phase item / Description Owner Status Results Outcome Complete Due Date
UI Proposal Evaluation [1] All Done
Finalize FL/CJ UI Proposal [2] FL Done 100%
Finalize FL UI Proposal [3] FL Done 100% User Survey 2009 Results [4] FL Done 100%
Publish a summary of proposals as blog EM Done 100%
Publish next project steps as blog ABA Done Blog 100%
Prepare Project Renaissance Status Report for May (See also status presentation section) All Done PDF 100% May 29, 2009
Prepare Wiki page for prototyping phase FL Done 100%
Publish feedback from proposal contributors as blog CN Done 100% June 22, 2009
Prepare Scrum Project for Prototyping AB Done wiki, blog 100% June 12, 2009
Publish updated set of user feedback data FL Done 100%
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