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Since the announcement of the Renaissance project we noticed that people are interest in general topics which are discussed repeatedly in e.g. discussion forums. This FAQ lists common questions and the corresponding answers - considering the current status of the project. If any common question seems to be missing, then please contact the Renaissance team at the mailing list.

Will the result of Renaissance look like product XYZ? (e.g. Microsoft Fluent "Ribbon")

Not in general, maybe single parts. From experience it is known that UX professionals tend to develop similar solutions if there are similar problems and constraints.

Concerning Microsoft Fluent (known as "Ribbon" in Microsoft Office 2007), Microsoft has started to patent this user interface concept. As far as we know, if anybody uses the concept for office applications, then licence fees have to be paid. Additionally, it has not yet been proven that this concept represents the optimum for our users.

Will the future UI provide theming capabilities?

Maybe. Even the current provides theming capabilities to archive a high level of consistency across all the platforms (e.g. the user interface controls, icon themes). Furthermore, the Renaissance team has the impression that the concept of theming is somehow misunderstood. Theming does mainly have influence on how software will look - it won't change how software behaves. And making it behave better, e.g. by better understanding the work flow of users, is one of the goals of Renaissance.

Are there any mockups or preliminary designs available? Where can I find it?

No. The current project announcement is meant to communicate the start of an activity which requires a lot of support from different projects and roles inside the community. Please have a look at the Renaissance Roadmap to get an idea what to expect when.

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