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=Links for OOo informations about OOo 3.1=
=Links for informations about OpenOffice.org 3.1=
* release dates : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/OOoRelease31
* release dates : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/OOoRelease31
* official release notes and feature list by OOo marketing : http://www.openoffice.org/dev_docs/features/3.1/
* official release notes and feature list by OOo marketing : http://www.openoffice.org/dev_docs/features/3.1/

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Integrated Child Work Spaces CWS for OOo 3.1


In OOo 3.1 321 CWSs were integrated (CWSs for OOo 3.0.1 aren't collected). With the CWSs nearly 1750 issues were fixed and integrated. 78% of all CWS went through the full approval-process by the Sun QA. 8% (=> 4% of all issues) were approved by Release Engineering team, 7% (=> 4% of all issues) by the Sun Development team and the contribution by the OOo community team was round about at 6% (=> 5% of all issues).

Integrated issues with CWS for OOo 3.1


The distribution on the 1750 fixed and integrated issues and user groups are a little bit different. 87% of the registered issues at a CWS were approved by Sun QA team, 4% by Sun RE team, 4% by Sun DEV team and 5% by the OOo community contribution.

Integrated Features and Enhancements for OOo 3.1


Round about 220 issues marked as features or enhancements were integrated for OOo 3.1. As in all releases most of the features/enhancements were integrated in component L10N. Which means that the translation will be better and more consistent from one release to the next one. Most of real OOo features and enhancements were integrated in the 3 top components, Database Access (base), Framework (general functionality) and Word Processing (Writer).

Fixed defects per comonent for OOo 3.1


Integrated Patches for OO 3.1


Exactly 300 issues which marked as patch (most code contribution by community members) were fixed and integrated also in OOo 3.0.

Numbers about integrated issues per type for OOo 3.1


Links for informations about OpenOffice.org 3.1

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