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The ability to provide bug fixes to users/customers in a reasonable short time frame, typically within one week. To get this done, the Sun development process provides the following:

  • fast qa access to every release build for bug confirmation
  • fast developer access to all supported platforms to be able to debug natively on every platform, thus almost identical development environment on every platform.
  • ready to build environment on every platform and easy access to prebuilt/preinstalled enviroment
  • fast qa access to every release build for bugfix verification

most of these issues can be mapped to OOo requirements:

  • provide access to milestone builds (now already done for some localized versions (fr, de, ja, etc.)
  • provide access to main development platform for developers (partly done through tinderboxing, up to the contributor to take care of this)
  • access to cws build for verification of bugs (work in progress in the tinderbox environment)
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