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| '''This page serves as a template''', so please do not edit this page unless you are on the Renaissance team. Your feedback and comments will be welcomed on the [mailto:ui@ux.openoffice.org ui@ux.openoffice.org] mailing list.
= Design Proposal [Add Proposal Title] =
= Design Proposal [Add Proposal Title] =
{{User Experience Community}}
{{User Experience Community}}
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| <span style="color:DimGray">Real Name</span>
| Jörg Sievers
| <span style="color:DimGray">OpenOffice.org Login Name</span>
| <span style="color:DimGray">OpenOffice.org Login Name</span>

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Design Proposal [Add Proposal Title]



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Please do not edit this page unless you are the original author. Your feedback and comments are welcome in the Comments section below or on the ui@ux.openoffice.org mailing list.

The following design proposal is part of the collection of design proposals for “Accessing Functionality”, which is part of Project Renaissance.

Summary and Status

How to use this template: Please write a short summary here to introduce the ideas in your proposal. For example, write a few sentences covering the highlights and the name of the proposed design. (Please delete this and all of the other gray explanatory text before you submit your proposal.)

Status: Request for Comments

After you consider the comments and questions in the comments section, revise your proposal for completeness and understandability. When you feel your proposal is ready for evaluation, please change the status above to “Proposal Complete”.


Please add your main “wireframe” mockup. For example: A mockup which shows the functionality for adding a slide in Impress.

ProjectRenaissance DesignProposalCollection Template EmptyProposal.png

Detailed Description

This space is reserved for the detailed description of your design. Add anything you might find important for us to know. If you don't have any clue what this might be, then you will find some topics below.

  • Describe dynamic behavior: The mockup above is something static. To better illustrate what will happen on the screen, describe what actions would be taken by the user and what would appear on screen.
  • Explain the rationale and assumptions: If you decided to go for a certain concept, then please explain why you chose this.
  • Highlight particular design ideas and alternatives: A concept usually incorporates many individual ideas. If you think certain ideas are really unique, then please highlight them. And if you think that there were other really good ideas which could not be implemented at the same time, tell us about them.
  • List issues and open questions: Please list any issues you are aware of and open questions. Do not worry if your proposal or concept isn't perfect. If you have discovered any stumbling blocks or worries, then please provide this information right from the start. Maybe the team can help find answers/solutions.

Additional Material and Mockups

Please share everything you might think is important to better understand your proposal. Perhaps you also have other ideas which are not directly related to “Accessing Functionality”? You might add further documents, Internet links, or additional mockups - e.g. showing a workflow or different states of the software.

Author or Team Working on This Proposal

Author / Team Member Contact (OpenOffice.org login name, used for email)
Jörg Sievers OpenOffice.org Login Name
Real Name OpenOffice.org Login Name


Community members, this is where your comments and questions concerning completeness and clarity should be written. Please add your OpenOffice.org login name to let us contact you via email.

Your space :-)

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