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This page is to use as portal for the Native-Language Press Releases. Please upload the PR in your language and add the link to this page by adding the language identifier to the link name (example: (it) 3.3 Versione Finale). Feel free to add also links to press releases that have been published all over the world in the *Press Announcement* session.

OpenOffice 3.3 Ready for Download

(de) 3.3 steht jetzt zum produktivem Einsatz bereit

(en-US) 3.3 Ready for Download

(it) 3.3 è pronto per il download (some paragraphs were rewritten, the rest translated)

(ja) コミュニティ 3.3 のリリースをアナウンス (The Project announces the release of 3.3)

Press Announcements

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