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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2010/02/26


<LiHeng>hi cd_oo :)
<cd_oo> Hi LiHeng
<LiHeng>I'm very glad to meet you again after Spring festival vacation!
<mhu>Hi all, sorry for being late
<LiHeng>Never mind, mhu
<mhu>Hope you had a nice spring festival
<LiHeng>Yes, it's so good. and very glad to meet you again.
<mhu>glad to meet you again, is your team also fine ?
<LiHeng>Today, I attend this meeting only because other people are still in vacation. They have lots of days vacation for overwork last year :)
<mhu>ah okay, yes sometime there is finally time for vacation
<LiHeng>Yes, March is deadline. So, I report all updates for them.
<LiHeng>Zengliangjun: Arrangement of partly loading in SD code and rebase to OOo3.2 code.
<mhu>liangjun's work is also on a OOo cws ?
<LiHeng>Yuguoqiang: Update Web Benchmark System for appending raw data for a old case.
<mhu>Sorry, but I have lost track, in what state yugq's cws for the benchmarking code is, can you remind me ?
<LiHeng>mhu:Yes, he submit a issue and working on OOo320 code, I don't know he create a CWS or not , but all of our work are based OOo codeline not RedOffice
<mhu>okay, that is fine (OOo code); we will find out the details later (next week or so)
<LiHeng>Yugq has submitted our benchmark helper code and move all code into TOOLS project.
<mhu>yes, I remember now :-)
<LiHeng>But I can't find name of cws now, sorry and I will send a mail to you :)
<mhu>...but changes wrt object lifetime in module "registry" are necessary, so it turned out to be a little more complex than just removing flush() calls.
<LiHeng>Yujinliang(new people of performance project):He submitted his code for fixing a bug for SW to Oliver for ending his work, and focus on partly saving of SW
<mhu>oh yes, good; and Oliver means OLiver Specht ?
<mhu>i.e. or ?
<LiHeng>I think he found it on webpage :) ,and Oliver suggestted us send our mail in mailing list :).
<mhu>yes, okay. that is "" and yes he is the right person :-)
<LiHeng>I suggestted yujinliang to submit he works to before he join us :)
<mhu>that may be a good proposal, indeed. work with oliver and learn how the code works, then improve performance. Good.
<LiHeng>LiHeng: No work for performance this month for a special project about RedOffice.
<LiHeng>That's all work from us.
<cd_oo> Status: Nothing from my side. I am working on some important internal tasks therefore I had no time to look at performance.
<mhu>okay, thanks. I have sent mine already somewhere inline above.
<LiHeng>Yes, I saw it.
<mhu>...and yes, I am also working partly on other stuff. there are some new things to learn, nowadays.
<LiHeng>Yes, no more for today, I think we can close early:)
<cd_oo> Yes, that makes sense.
<mhu>yes, okay to finish early.
<LiHeng>Bye, and have a nice weekend. :)

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