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Meeting Minutes<br>
Meeting Minutes<br>

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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2009/06/26
Time: 16:06– 16:40
Meeting No.:


(4:05:47 PM) The topic for #oooperformance is: Next meeting scheduled : ... please put the right date / hour ( CEST / UTC .. and so on )
(4:05:56 PM) liheng: Hi,all
(4:05:57 PM) erAck: ah, answer arrives ;)
(4:06:06 PM) Matthias: and there they are :-)
(4:06:20 PM) liheng: sorry,I'm late
(4:06:37 PM) erAck: np, good afternoon
(4:06:38 PM) liangjun: :) Hi all
(4:06:42 PM) Matthias: liheng: hi, dont worry
(4:06:51 PM) yugq: hi all
(4:08:25 PM) liheng: Matthias: Welcome to you come back, How about your vacation? :)
(4:10:23 PM) Matthias: liheng: that was a very good vacation time, thanks
(4:10:41 PM) liheng: You are welcome!
(4:10:49 PM) liheng: Let's update our status.
(4:12:10 PM) ***Matthias status is simple: still couple hundred emails left to read after returning from vacation; will report cws mhu20 status next week latest
(4:13:01 PM) erAck: my status: solving OOo3.1.1 puzzles.
(4:14:08 PM) cd_oo: my status: CWS fwk108 which contains start up improvements for Writer and an optimization for the SfxVoidItem is "nominated". CWS fwk112 which contains the non-rebased library optimization for Windows is "Ready for QA".
(4:14:20 PM) liheng: My Status:I and yugp rebuild the user interface for BenchmarkSystem,we add user management to support that you can trace and save your Benchmark rawdata on web ...
(4:16:23 PM) liheng: ... and we start to trace changes between m44 and 00o3.1 to verify all work is effective in performance
(4:17:41 PM) liheng: I'm also working for replacing the wiki of performance,but I found lots of information in it. :(
(4:20:02 PM) Matthias: replace the wiki? why? replace with what ? can you explain, please ?
(4:20:16 PM) liangjun: My Status: continue odf document load performance , and it's slow :P
(4:23:28 PM) liheng: Several weeks ago, we talk to rearrange the first wiki page of performance, so that we can easy to trace status, effectivity and progress of our work...
(4:24:52 PM) liangjun: I plan to use three strategy: serial / parallel / delay processing
(4:25:37 PM) liheng: So, I start this work with my colleague about two weeks before, but we found lot's of pages and information in old.
(4:26:46 PM) Matthias: liheng: ah, rearrange the wiki pages (not replace). that is fine with me.
(4:27:40 PM) liheng: Sorry, I used ambiguous words.
(4:34:06 PM) liheng: Ok, if no more topic ,can we close meeting early today?
(4:34:39 PM) ***Matthias had a very similar question :-)
(4:35:03 PM) Matthias: yes, I dont have more for today
(4:35:16 PM) erAck: fine with me
(4:35:34 PM) liangjun: me too
(4:36:50 PM) cd_oo: ok
(4:37:43 PM) erAck: bye all!
(4:38:15 PM) erAck is now known as erAck_afk
(4:39:06 PM) cd_oo: bye all
(4:39:25 PM) Matthias: okay, then see you next week, have a nice weekend, bye all
(4:39:55 PM) liheng: Okay, see you next week.bye all

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