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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2008/12/18
Time: 16:56– 17:28
Meeting No.:


(4:57:13 PM) yugq: Hi, xiuzhi. It seems they have forgetton the IRC today.
(4:59:38 PM) xiuzhi: yugq:really?
(5:00:17 PM) xiuzhi: yugh: the start time is 5:00 ,isn't it?
(5:00:27 PM) yugq: Liheng said we start at 4:30.
(5:01:58 PM) xiuzhi: yugq: next week is a good time, IMHO
(5:02:12 PM) yugq: OK.
(5:02:28 PM) xiuzhi: yugq: Maybe they are tired or too busy this week
(5:02:46 PM) yugq: Oh. Yes.
(5:02:56 PM) yugq: :-D
(5:03:56 PM) xiuzhi: yugq:because it was a long trip, and nomorraly, the first week is very busy after the OOoCon
(5:05:10 PM) yugq: Yes. We will wait until 5:30.
(5:05:15 PM) yugq: :)
(5:05:47 PM) yugq: Maybe they are confused about the new time.
(5:06:02 PM) mhu: Hi all, sorry for being late...
(5:06:03 PM) yugq: Hi, mhu.
(5:06:09 PM) kuangl: hello mhu
(5:06:23 PM) lihen1: hi,mhu
(5:06:25 PM) mhu: I just arrived at my office...
(5:06:52 PM) lihen1: :)
(5:07:09 PM) yugq: mhu: It's good to see you at IRC again. Thank you very much for the little gift:-D
(5:07:28 PM) mhu: ...36 hours back in Hamburg...need to read >600 emails ... but already found your agenda for today...
(5:07:56 PM) mhu: yugq: you are welcome, it was nice to meet you in Beijing.
(5:08:51 PM) yugq: mhu: Nice to meet you, too.
(5:09:14 PM) mhu: ...inviting Dieter and Malte to our meeting...yes I wanted to do that...maybe we start next week ? ...
(5:10:11 PM) lihen1: Thank you,:)
(5:11:08 PM) xiuzhi: mhu: I just talked with yugq that you must be very tired this week
(5:11:13 PM) mhu: okay, I will then see that they can attend.
(5:12:33 PM) mhu: xiuzhi: oh, well, a little bit tired due to the timezone shift; I get tired early and wake up early, part of my body is still some hours shifted in Beijing direction :-)
(5:13:01 PM) lihen1: By the way, we can start our next IRC at 16:30 in Beijing, because we get off work at 17:30 week, and most people must take the bus:)
(5:13:41 PM) lihen1: can't you?
(5:13:49 PM) mhu: Liheng: okay, that is fine with me; it means 30 min earlier than today, right ?
(5:13:52 PM) xiuzhi: mhu: :)
(5:13:59 PM) lihen1: yes
(5:14:08 PM) mhu: xiuzhi: :-)
(5:14:26 PM) mhu: Liheng: okay, I mark my calendar appropriately.
(5:15:11 PM) lihen1: today, we can just talk only about "Which do developers want to pick up in reports? There is a simple template I maked in attachment " :)
(5:15:46 PM) mhu: okay, let me look at the attachment for a few seconds ...
(5:15:56 PM) lihen1: ok
(5:17:38 PM) mhu: well, the template looks fine so far, but for me to judge, I think we need to play a little with some datasets to see its usefullness.
(5:18:09 PM) mhu: that is, with an empty spreadsheet, I cant say much...
(5:18:39 PM) mhu: ...when there are data in it, I might better see what is missing (or too much).
(5:18:52 PM) mhu: but it is a good start.
(5:20:58 PM) lihen1: yes, if there are not essential data to add to the table, we will do a first test case with this template
(5:21:45 PM) lihen1: Would you like to start it with Save/Load case?
(5:21:46 PM) mhu: okay; I don't think anything essential is missing. It looks good so far.
(5:22:04 PM) mhu: We only have like 8 min left ?
(5:22:32 PM) lihen1: For xiuzhi it is, but not for me
(5:22:33 PM) lihen1: :)
(5:22:41 PM) mhu: okay :-)
(5:23:01 PM) xiuzhi: lihen1: :)
(5:23:17 PM) mhu: anyway, I think that would a good topic to discuss with Dieter and Malte, and have xiuzhi there as well.
(5:24:01 PM) mhu: (and I am not really prepared today also)
(5:24:02 PM) lihen1: Yes, we can discuss them at next time
(5:24:37 PM) mhu: okay
(5:25:14 PM) mhu: so, then I ask Dieter and Malte to join us next week, and we shift the time to 30 min earlier.
(5:25:33 PM) xiuzhi: mhu: good solution
(5:25:35 PM) lihen1: I think so, yugq cab also have enough time to finish the roadmap of Load/Save:)
(5:25:36 PM) mhu: ...and we discuss the Load / Save documents improvements
(5:26:03 PM) mhu: yes, a good preparation is always good
(5:26:30 PM) lihen1: Okay, that all today for me
(5:27:10 PM) mhu: yes, okay for me.
(5:27:18 PM) xiuzhi: nothing from me
(5:27:40 PM) yugq: bye
(5:27:44 PM) lihen1: :), bye
(5:27:50 PM) kuangl: bye
(5:27:50 PM) mhu: Thanks for all you did for us in Beijing; it has been a very good experience for me (and my wife), thanks again
(5:28:07 PM) lihen1: You are welcome!
(5:28:07 PM) mhu: bye, see you next week.
(5:28:08 PM) xiuzhi: mhu:we are pleasure
(5:28:21 PM) xiuzhi: mhu:8(bye)
(5:28:24 PM) lihen1: 8
(5:28:26 PM) lihen1: ;)
(5:28:27 PM) yugq: :)
(5:28:34 PM) mhu: bye :-)


Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2008/12/11
Time: 16:29– 17:30
Meeting No.:


(4:31:05 PM) yugq: hi,all!
(4:31:14 PM) liangjun: hi all:)
(4:31:56 PM) odf-mib: Hi all
(4:32:04 PM) xiuzhi: liheng: congratulation
(4:32:30 PM) Malte: congratulation for ...?
(4:32:35 PM) Dieter_: Hi all!
(4:36:48 PM) lihen1: hi:
(4:36:52 PM) lihen1: Hi,all
(4:36:58 PM) xiuzhi: (16:32:16) xiuzhi: liheng: congratulation
(4:36:58 PM) xiuzhi: (16:32:42) Malte: congratulation for ...?
(4:36:58 PM) xiuzhi: (16:32:47) Dieter_: Hi all!
(4:36:59 PM) xiuzhi: (16:34:31) xiuzhi: Malte: li has a new baby
(4:37:01 PM) xiuzhi: (16:34:42) peter13j: Hi everyone.
(4:37:03 PM) xiuzhi: (16:35:08) Malte: liheng: Congratulations! :)
(4:37:05 PM) xiuzhi: (16:35:34) odf-mib: liheng: Congratulations!
(4:37:07 PM) xiuzhi: (16:36:10) Dieter_: liheng: Congratulations! :-)
(4:37:09 PM) xiuzhi: (16:36:11) peter13j: liheng: :-)
(4:37:20 PM) lihen1: Thanks :)
(4:37:25 PM) Dieter_: xiuzhi, liheng: Hi!
(4:37:37 PM) lihen1: Hi,Dieter
(4:37:38 PM) xiuzhi: Dieter_:hi
(4:39:40 PM) lihen1: Dieter_: Thank you for your meticulous issues
(4:39:47 PM) peter13j: Do we have connection problems?
(4:40:32 PM) Dieter_: liheng: :-)
(4:40:57 PM) lihen1: Maybe, I'm slow, because I am connecting via GPRS
(4:42:37 PM) lihen1: First, we talk about statement,
(4:43:31 PM) peter13j: Dieter's redraft is fine for me
(4:43:39 PM) lihen1: Do you think Dieter's version is final?
(4:44:25 PM) lihen1: But I think Matthias is not here...
(4:44:27 PM) Malte: For me - yes
(4:45:50 PM) odf-mib: +1
(4:45:52 PM) lihen1: For me okay to
(4:45:59 PM) lihen1: For me okay too
(4:46:04 PM) lihen1: ;)
(4:46:44 PM) xiuzhi: +1
(4:47:06 PM) Dieter_: Ok, I thing it was a joined effort - so thanks to the whole team! :-)
(4:47:23 PM) peter13j: Dieter: +1
(4:48:02 PM) lihen1: :)
(4:48:16 PM) Malte: lihen1: You will post the proposal to OOo then soon?
(4:48:58 PM) Matthias: Hi all, sorry for being late (could not get to my office in time :-( )
(4:49:07 PM) lihen1: Malte:Yes,next week, I think
(4:49:14 PM) lihen1: Hi,Matthias
(4:49:17 PM) peter13j: Malte, lihen1: The procedure says a draft has to be send to Louis first.
(4:49:37 PM) Matthias: Hi, LiHeng.
(4:50:23 PM) lihen1: peter13j:We post on current wiki page, and send to Louis at same time
(4:50:59 PM) peter13j: lihen1: OK, sounds like a good idea to me.
(4:51:15 PM) Dieter_: liheng: let's work together to start this project. It would make sense if we both sit down and draft a mail to Louis.
(4:53:52 PM) lihen1: Dieter:I can't understand you.
(4:54:47 PM) Dieter_: liheng: we should write the email to Louis together to start this joined project
(4:55:04 PM) lihen1: Okay, :)
(4:55:48 PM) lihen1: I see, you mean we email to Louis together first
(4:56:08 PM) Dieter_: liheng: yes :-)
(4:56:22 PM) lihen1: No problem for me.
(4:57:00 PM) Matthias: you may have discussed this before, so sorry for asking, but do you have agreed on the project proposal ?
(4:57:41 PM) lihen1: Matthias:We all agree the Dieter's version, and you?
(4:58:15 PM) Matthias: okay, I am fine with what you agreed upon.
(4:58:20 PM) Dieter_: liheng: I will send you a draft email which we could sent to Louis
(5:01:32 PM) lihen1: Dieter_:Okay, I add the member and some addtional and feedback to you
(5:01:59 PM) Dieter_: liheng: ok, sounds like a plan
(5:02:41 PM) lihen1: Okay
(5:03:29 PM) lihen1: We go next tipoc "Features of Web based Auto-test of performance platform."
(5:04:35 PM) lihen1: I think there are several eary-to-use features on new platform, at first step
(5:05:14 PM) lihen1: 1.Create benchmark test-cases
(5:06:06 PM) lihen1: To line up to accepted test application
(5:06:38 PM) Dieter_: Sounds good!
(5:06:59 PM) lihen1: 2.publish test-cases and result reports
(5:08:17 PM) lihen1: 3:To evaluate the Performance Index of major version and post it on web
(5:09:01 PM) lihen1: These are some features from me.
(5:09:30 PM) Dieter_: Yes. make sense
(5:11:44 PM) lihen1: Matthias,Malte:Do you feel it is enough for first step?
(5:12:02 PM) lihen1: Matthias,Malte: Do you feel it is enough for first step?
(5:12:09 PM) Malte: For a first step - more than enough ;)
(5:13:09 PM) lihen1: Malte: Maybe, a complete Performance Index need more time:)
(5:14:03 PM) Matthias: yes, that are good steps, I think.
(5:14:37 PM) Matthias: ...and yes, a more complete performance overview / index may need more time.
(5:14:52 PM) lihen1: Okay, I will send a first diagram of detials of these features in our
(5:15:09 PM) Malte: Sounds good!: )
(5:15:56 PM) Malte: But as soon as the OOo project is accepted, we should discuss this in public...
(5:16:14 PM) lihen1: By the way,Do anyone can receive the mail in
(5:16:36 PM) lihen1: Malte: Yes
(5:16:41 PM) Matthias: yes, I have received your email
(5:17:44 PM) Malte: I didn't...
(5:17:52 PM) Malte: Maybe there is some delay, mail is a little slow
(5:18:40 PM) lihen1: Malte: Of cource, I will send diagram via performance mailing list
(5:18:41 PM) lihen1: :)
(5:21:06 PM) lihen1: Matthias, Yu Guoqiang sent a mail to you for asking some problems about configmgr
(5:22:06 PM) Matthias: liheng, yuqg: oh, I don't think I have seen an email of yugq ?
(5:22:14 PM) lihen1: We get the number for new configmgr, but some trouble at filter settings combining
(5:23:52 PM) lihen1: Matthias:We will send again:)
(5:24:04 PM) Matthias: okay, I can discuss that with yugq via email.
(5:24:05 PM) yugq: :)
(5:24:27 PM) yugq: LiHeng, about filter we just find the problem and have a resolve.
(5:24:36 PM) Matthias: [yugq: last email I have from you is agenda for oct 23 meeting]
(5:25:06 PM) Matthias: yugq: okay, anyway when you have more problems, just send me an email.
(5:25:24 PM) yugq: :)so I didn't send it.
(5:26:04 PM) yugq: mhu, If we have any more problems, I will ask you and others for help.
(5:26:04 PM) Matthias: so, have you made some progress on configmgr ?
(5:26:08 PM) lihen1: yugq: You can send your benchmark result of configmgr to Matthias and Malte
(5:27:22 PM) Matthias: maybe, you send it to the list ? (the list if you want)
(5:27:23 PM) yugq: mhu, yes, from recent test result, the new configmgr have a big improvement. But we have some problems and something not fully support by the UNO.
(5:27:48 PM) yugq: So the last result need go on for looking.:)
(5:27:57 PM) Matthias: ah, good; yes, lets discuss the remaining issues some time.
(5:28:05 PM) yugq: The test result is not precise now.
(5:28:14 PM) yugq: mhu, OK
(5:28:36 PM) yugq: Sorry for leaving now.:)
(5:28:44 PM) lihen1: That all, today
(5:28:46 PM) Matthias: okay, see you ...
(5:28:51 PM) liangjun: :)
(5:28:52 PM) peter13j: bye
(5:28:54 PM) lihen1: bye
(5:28:54 PM) yugq: Bye all!
(5:29:06 PM) liangjun: bye
(5:29:30 PM) lihen1: Matthias:I will send whole log of this meeting to you:)
(5:29:39 PM) Matthias: okay, thank you !
(5:30:36 PM) xiuzhi: bye


Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2008/12/04
Time: 16:43– 17:33
Meeting No.:


(4:43:49 PM) peter13j: Hi Li Heng ;-)
(4:43:50 PM) yugq: OK, he is here:)
(4:43:50 PM) odf-mib: No, I'm Michael Brauer from Sun.
(4:44:10 PM) Matthias: yugq: "odf-mib" is the famous ODF-Michael-Brauer
(4:44:11 PM) yugq: odf-mob, nice to meet you!
(4:44:16 PM) liheng: Hi,all, sorry I'm late
(4:44:21 PM) Malte: Hi liheng! :)
(4:44:30 PM) Matthias: Hi Li Heng :-)
(4:44:36 PM) Dieter_: liheng: Hi!
(4:44:42 PM) liheng: I choose a wrong gateway :(
(4:44:51 PM) peter13j: :-)
(4:44:52 PM) yugq: mhu, I'm not see him in the IRC before. Sorry. I know him as mb.:P
(4:45:00 PM) liheng: Hi, Dieter
(4:45:10 PM) liheng: Hi Matthias
(4:45:10 PM) liheng: :)
(4:45:14 PM) liheng: hi,all
(4:45:26 PM) liheng: hi peter, welcome
(4:45:55 PM) peter13j: Hi Li Heng, so far I was only giving this link
(4:46:09 PM) peter13j: It the project how-to
(4:46:52 PM) peter13j: Li Heng: Do you have an agenda?
(4:47:59 PM) peter13j: I assume, performance becoming a 'real' project is the only item to discuss today?!
(4:48:14 PM) Matthias: as I see it, we only need "a short project proposal (not more than 1/2 a page)".
(4:48:39 PM) peter13j: mhu: exactly
(4:48:43 PM) liheng: peter13j:No, I want talk about summary of official project
(4:48:44 PM) Dieter_: Do we all agree that we want to have a new Performance project and not to continue with the tools/performance sub-project? I think it would be worth to kick-off a new project.
(4:48:48 PM) Matthias: it seems the most important item to be discussed today
(4:49:03 PM) peter13j: dieter: +1
(4:49:12 PM) yugq: +1
(4:49:40 PM) liheng: dieter:+1
(4:49:47 PM) kuangliang: +1
(4:49:51 PM) Matthias: well, I guess there is a majority that want this project; and I can understand and agree :-)
(4:49:56 PM) liangjun: dieter:+1
(4:50:11 PM) Dieter_: great, sounds we are all on the same track :-)
(4:50:13 PM) Malte: +1
(4:50:38 PM) Dieter_: It would be good it we write down this agenda covering startup und load/save performance in the first step to add this to our new project web site.
(4:51:00 PM) liheng: I think performance is a analyzing and optimizing project not product tools only...
(4:51:25 PM) Dieter_: liheng: yes, absolutely right
(4:51:35 PM) Matthias: yes
(4:52:17 PM) peter13j: measure, analyze, improve
(4:53:07 PM) Matthias: [sounds like "six sigma" methodology]
(4:53:19 PM) Malte: Then I don't want it ;)
(4:53:19 PM) peter13j: mhu: :-)
(4:53:27 PM) liheng: Dieter_:What you mean is put the optimizing plans of startup and load/save to new project web site?
(4:54:35 PM) Dieter_: liheng: I thin in the first step we should explain what the project is intended for. That means we should explain what we're planning to do.
(4:55:48 PM) Dieter_: As an example: we should write down what we plan to to to improve the startup performance, load/save performance and how to test and measure our progress
(4:56:55 PM) liheng: Dieter_:Yes,we will make out some goals and plans in detail, of course include startup and load/save
(4:57:07 PM) Dieter_: At least we need a high-level project description on the web site and all other stuff can be put into the Wiki
(4:57:53 PM) Matthias: I think, for the project proposal it would be sufficient to write that we "plan" want to this, not "how exactly" we want to do it.
(4:58:16 PM) peter13j: Proposal = Mission Statement = "This project focuses on measuring, analyzing and improving"
(4:58:26 PM) Matthias: => ..what we plan to do ...
(4:58:29 PM) peter13j: Cannot be rejected I guess.
(4:58:40 PM) Matthias: yes, that's what I mean
(4:59:15 PM) Dieter_: peter13: yes, I do not expect that our proposal might be rejected
(4:59:17 PM) peter13j: a high-level project description would be the next step
(4:59:27 PM) liheng: peter13j:and maintain the performance of OOo in the long-tern development:)
(4:59:41 PM) peter13j: liheng: +1
(4:59:44 PM) peter13j: I see action items as follows: Li Heng, draft a proposal 1/2 page - Peter: Review proposal
(4:59:58 PM) Dieter_: liheng: yes, absolutely
(5:01:00 PM) Malte: peter13j: +Dieter or Malte also reviewing the proposal please
(5:01:21 PM) Dieter_: peter13j: Yes, I think we should review this proposal in our team too, since this project will be a joined effort.
(5:01:26 PM) peter13j: Malte: Thanks for naming Dieter as volunteer ;-)
(5:01:40 PM) Malte: Hey, Dieter also needs some tasks ;)
(5:01:50 PM) peter13j: Dieter: +1
(5:01:54 PM) liheng: I will draft a new proposal based the old mission statement and mail to all of us
(5:02:08 PM) peter13j: liheng: +1
(5:02:27 PM) Matthias: okay, I guess you will get enough feedback
(5:03:36 PM) Dieter_: liheng: +1
(5:03:57 PM) liheng: Okay, I do firt version, we finish it togather! :)
(5:04:11 PM) liheng: sorry first version
(5:04:36 PM) Matthias: fine
(5:04:45 PM) Dieter_: liheng: sounds good :-)
(5:05:25 PM) peter13j: I guess we're done with that so far.
(5:06:08 PM) Malte: Should we then talk about the test system now?
(5:06:40 PM) peter13j: Li Heng: In your latest email you have been writing this: "And we can also talk about feature of Web Test Supports if we have enough time."
(5:06:58 PM) liheng: Malte:By the way we can talk about the name of the "diagram" first :)
(5:07:59 PM) liheng: peter13j:Yes it's matter to declare a public server for trace performance value of OOo
(5:08:38 PM) Malte: OK, diagram again, to agree on a name ;)
(5:08:40 PM) peter13j: liheng: OK, I see, any idea how to set it up?
(5:08:56 PM) liheng: Malte:I also think that "performance diagram" is enough,
(5:09:34 PM) Malte: Yes and no...
(5:09:41 PM) Malte: It's much better than road map
(5:09:53 PM) Malte: But what you really document with it is a ""sequence of operation diagram""
(5:10:02 PM) Malte: This is the pure workdlow
(5:10:12 PM) Malte: independent of any performance impact considerations
(5:10:26 PM) Malte: might help for many different things, not only for performance
(5:10:38 PM) liheng: peter13j:Yes we want this server can accept some test-case from all developer, and that, run it automically and take out report ...
(5:11:17 PM) peter13j: liheng: like tinderbox for builds, I assume
(5:11:43 PM) Malte: shouldn't we better concentrate on one topic for now?
(5:11:49 PM) liheng: Malte:It's not a big picture of all details of sequence of operations, it only for describ the performance and hotspots
(5:12:21 PM) peter13j: Malte: OK, we firstly handle your topic, sorry
(5:12:40 PM) Malte: Well, in the end - if all agree on "performance diagram", fine for me.
(5:13:02 PM) Malte: But what do the others think about "performance diagram" vs "sequence of operation diagram"?
(5:14:01 PM) liheng: Matthias: How do you think about the name of diagram?
(5:14:06 PM) Matthias: From my point of view we should keep it simple, and so "performance diagram" fits my needs.
(5:14:49 PM) Matthias: [it could later be extended for more general use, but for now ...]
(5:15:23 PM) odf-mib: From a pure technical point of view, I think "sequence of operation" may be the better name.
(5:15:51 PM) Matthias: okay, here's the longer version ...
(5:16:01 PM) odf-mib: In a diagram, what you see are operations, but not performance.
(5:16:52 PM) Matthias: ... assume a graph of nodes and edges; we would only be interested (for now) on those nodes / edges that have a large weight wrt performance aspects of the program.
(5:17:02 PM) liheng: odf-mib:But it seems like where are good performance and bad performance come from ,and it will be used with some benchmark tools :)
(5:18:13 PM) odf-mib: So, what about: sequence of performance relevant operations, or something along these lines?
(5:18:24 PM) Matthias: ...we would (for now) ignore the larger forest of uninteresting operations to be able to concentrate on the trees that have large impact
(5:20:15 PM) liheng: odf-mib:interactions of hotspot and function we changed and performance views
(5:21:37 PM) Malte: Let me put it this way:
(5:22:14 PM) Malte: "sequence of operation" is technically more correct, but we agree on "performance diagram" for convenience reasons
(5:23:06 PM) liheng: odf-mib:performance diagram focus on the views on performance and in order to trace changes and effects in all OOo versions
(5:23:29 PM) Matthias: Malte: that's it; we ignore from the sequence of operations those that have no large impact on performance
(5:23:38 PM) liheng: odf-mib: Performance diagram focus on the views on performance and in order to trace changes and effects in all OOo versions
(5:25:08 PM) odf-mib: lihing: That's all understood. My point was only that the diagram displays operations rather than performance. But using "performance diagram" is okay for me. What matters more than the name of the diagram is the diagram itself.
(5:25:14 PM) yugq: Like XML has all kinds of alias name such as XCU, XCS ... And the sequence diagram can be called performance diagram too. It defined the use, not technique. I think.
(5:25:51 PM) odf-mib: lihing should of cause read liheng. I've typed too fast:-(
(5:26:22 PM) Malte: All agree on "performance diagram" now?
(5:26:34 PM) Matthias: yes
(5:26:35 PM) odf-mib: +1
(5:26:41 PM) yugq: +1
(5:26:44 PM) liangjun: +1
(5:27:03 PM) liheng: odf-mib: Never mind
(5:27:13 PM) Matthias: [and what's most important, we should now have a common understanding what we mean with this diagram :-) ]
(5:27:32 PM) yugq: :)
(5:27:43 PM) Malte: OK, next topic then:
(5:27:46 PM) Malte: liheng: What's the status/plans of the test system?
(5:28:27 PM) liheng: Malte: we have no time for next, ...
(5:28:50 PM) Malte: OK...
(5:28:51 PM) liheng: Yugq and others must take the bus to go home:(
(5:29:09 PM) Malte: Should we discuss on the new mail alias within the next days?
(5:29:31 PM) liheng: Okay ;)
(5:29:48 PM) yugq: :Pbye all. See you next week!
(5:29:50 PM) liheng: Malte:Thanks for new mailing list
(5:29:52 PM) Malte: Great - I think then we can stop for today :)
(5:30:02 PM) Malte: liheng: you are welcome :)
(5:30:19 PM) liheng: odf-mib: thank you for your attending :)
(5:30:42 PM) odf-mib: lihing: Thank you. You are welcome.
(5:30:53 PM) liheng: That all
(5:30:57 PM) peter13j: bye
(5:31:03 PM) Dieter_: Bye!
(5:31:06 PM) odf-mib: bye
(5:31:08 PM) xiuzhi: bye
(5:31:09 PM) liheng: bye
(5:31:28 PM) Malte: liheng: please send your draft project proposal to the mailing list, than all can review...
(5:32:08 PM) Matthias: okay, see you next week; bye all
(5:32:43 PM) liheng: Matthias:See you!
(5:33:03 PM) Malte: Too late ;)
(5:33:14 PM) liheng: :p
(5:33:33 PM) liheng: Malte:Bye
(5:33:42 PM) Malte: bye! :)

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