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Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000 and the Community ??
Performance Project

Date: 2008/03/27
Time: 16:24– 17:29
Meeting No.:


(16:24:09) LiHeng: hi
(16:28:17) LiHeng: where is zenglj?
(16:30:04) mhu: Hi all
(16:30:19) LiHeng: hello
(16:30:36) LiHeng: how about your holiday?
(16:31:19) yugq: mhu, hi.
(16:31:52) mhu: oh, thanks. that was a good time.
(16:32:30) mhu: hi, yugq.
(16:32:31) LiHeng: mhu:we have some trouble with network , so zenglj would login later, we go first!
(16:32:45) mhu: LiHeng: okay.
(16:32:51) LiHeng: mhu:did you receive the Agenda?
(16:33:10) mhu: yes, I've read the agenda; looks okay.
(16:34:47) LiHeng: from this week, we start to do someting factly for performance optimizting
(16:36:12) LiHeng: Today , We start from "Optimizing in XML I/O, to improve config and document loading"
(16:36:42) liangjun: Hello every body. sorry.
(16:37:22) mhu: okay, sounds like a valuable task to start.
(16:38:08) LiHeng: mhu: we think that configmgr have some mainly problems , XML I/O is one of those
(16:38:40) mhu: yes, as we said last time: configmgr is a good place to optimize.
(16:38:46) LiHeng: so, we want to optimizing XML Process and improve config load
(16:40:04) LiHeng: mhu:yes , and you say other team just working in configmgr , so we want to improve XML I/O
(16:40:51) yugq: There are some "heap manage" process in configmgr, and it seems they consume a lot of call time from the profile.
(16:41:24) mhu: ah good; but you could also look and and see, what others are actually doing (and if anything is actually done).
(16:42:13) mhu: yugq: yes, that is what I think someone has already looked into... wait a second, I try to find something...
(16:43:46) LiHeng: we are making a proposal on ConfigMgr and XML I/O , and that we will send to you and SB . so we can discuss them in mailing list
(16:44:06) xiuzhi: sorry I am too late as the traffic jam
(16:44:35) yugq: xiuzhi: hi!
(16:44:35) LiHeng: xiuzhi: It is Beijing's traffic, alway jam
(16:44:46) mhu: yugq: on the "Performance" wiki page, under "Work List and Progress" there is mentioned a "configrefactor01" cws; this might be the work that once was started to simplify the configmgr code.
(16:44:52) xiuzhi: yugh: :)
(16:44:55) mhu: yiuzhi: hi
(16:45:02) xiuzhi: LiHeng :)
(16:45:09) xiuzhi: mhu::)
(16:45:17) LiHeng: ;)
(16:45:26) yugq: mhu: Thanks! I'll check it.
(16:45:40) mhu: s/yiuzhi/xiuzhi/
(16:45:51) mhu: :-)
(16:47:01) LiHeng: mhu:do you think we can make an independent module to process XML I/O
(16:47:06) mhu: LiHeng: okay, yes a proposal would be good; and yes, SB and I would surely be right to read that proposal.
(16:47:41) mhu: LiHeng: I think there are already some independent modules to process xml...
(16:49:07) mhu: there is a "stoc/..." module for xml document handler (based on expat), and there is a "unoxml" or so module, based on libxml, ...and so on.
(16:49:41) liangjun: The oo currentry configmgr use the sax component .It's right?
(16:49:48) LiHeng: mhu: oh, I just want to make sure ,that any function that process XML is indenpendent, is not?
(16:50:06) mhu: yes, I think they use the sax component from the stoc module.
(16:50:12) yugq: All use sax to parse I think.
(16:50:45) mhu: yes and no, some part (dont know which) uses DOM from unoxml.
(16:51:07) yugq: And every kind of XML should have a paser implementation.
(16:51:10) mhu: but yes, most use sax.
(16:51:24) LiHeng: liangjun:The SAX wourld not be made cache for deal some problem , so we also need DOM support
(16:52:02) LiHeng: s/wourld/would
(16:52:59) liangjun: LiHeng:I think it only parser.and cache the result .
(16:54:22) liangjun: LiHeng:I think it only parser once .and cache the result as tree struct.
(16:54:55) LiHeng: liangjun: not caching ALL, only needed
(16:56:36) LiHeng: so , if we have module that deal with SAX and DOM, we can make performance well
(16:56:51) LiHeng: xiuzhi:do you think so?
(16:57:52) LiHeng: and if we make a well XML module , document load/save will fine too, one stone two bird;)
(16:58:42) mhu: I think, a good (xml) base implementation is only one part; the code that uses this base implementation can still make silly things (e.g. call a million times instead of a thousand times).
(16:59:06) xiuzhi: Liheng:agreed
(16:59:44) liangjun: LiHeng: It possible has two manager, one for currently using reslut ; one for currently not using result ;:)
(17:00:15) yugq: mhu: agree!
(17:00:36) LiHeng: mhu:yes, so i think we must improve DOM, and developers can deal some complex problem with only one cache
(17:01:36) yugq: LiHeng: I think we can deal with different XMLs with different parsers.
(17:02:05) yugq: LiHeng: But to document, I think sax is better.
(17:02:14) LiHeng: yes , it the second topic ,today ;)
(17:02:35) mhu: are we really sure where the problem with xml parsing actually is; is it the basic xml parser code, or is it the code that uses the parser ?
(17:02:43) yugq: Because document file sometimes is not "tiny" one, but "huge".
(17:03:45) mhu: I also think that a sax implementation is the basic part to get right.
(17:03:47) yugq: mhu: Yes. To find out what really cause problem is most important.
(17:03:50) LiHeng: yugh: yes, for "huge" some data can be parsed on needed only
(17:05:19) LiHeng: mhu: On sax base, we must process all data from Config or document, but some data will be not used
(17:07:05) LiHeng: mhu: for a huge configuration or document, we can't build a mapping cache for all data , and parsing parts that to be needed
(17:08:01) yugq: LiHeng: maybe we can find out what really cause problem and try your idea.
(17:08:29) mhu: okay, understood. you think of an efficient caching mechanism. I leave that to you to come up with good ideas here.
(17:09:02) LiHeng: and provide DOM interface on cache , if any function need that part , they can access it by those interface
(17:09:04) LiHeng: :)
(17:09:07) LiHeng: Yes
(17:09:44) xiuzhi: +1 caching mechanism
(17:10:10) LiHeng: mhu, we can discuss more details in mailinglist , for caching mechanism :)
(17:10:29) mhu: if you need test cases for "huge" documents, try spreadsheets; they can easily be made several hundred megabytes of xml to parse.
(17:10:55) liangjun: LiHeng: and about OO currently implement ?
(17:11:00) LiHeng: mhu: thank for your tip, we just need it
(17:11:26) LiHeng: liangjun: what do you means?
(17:11:47) LiHeng: how about OO implement XML now ?
(17:12:07) mhu: you could ask Niklas Nebel (spreadsheet project lead; xiuzhi should perhaps know him) for test documents.
(17:12:16) liangjun: LiHeng:how about OO implement caching now ?
(17:12:45) LiHeng: most using sax , no caching,
(17:13:18) LiHeng: and DOM parse all tags and build memory structure,
(17:13:33) mhu: liangjun: there is almost no caching. for documents, all is directly converted via sax into document model objects (in module xmloff).
(17:14:52) LiHeng: ok, can we going into next?
(17:14:59) mhu: yes.
(17:15:03) yugq: yes
(17:15:10) LiHeng: 2.discuss about loading-time of configuration
(17:15:36) xiuzhi: mhu:yes. Niklas is expert on this spreadsheet, we can discuss it with him and erAck
(17:16:19) mhu: xiuzhi: so, you also know Eike; good.
(17:16:42) LiHeng: but i don't know him
(17:17:02) LiHeng: so , xiuzhi ,please introduce me to him ;)
(17:18:07) xiuzhi: LiHeng: no problem.
(17:18:30) LiHeng: mhu: the time of config-loading is a big problem to startup
(17:18:44) xiuzhi: LiHeng: mailinglist is a good place to discuss this
(17:19:19) LiHeng: okay, today we have little time now:(
(17:19:22) xiuzhi: and we can invite them attend this meeting if necessory,
(17:19:45) LiHeng: xiuzhi: ok
(17:20:53) LiHeng: mhu: we must find more and more configuration that is not nesseary on startup
(17:21:10) yugq: LiHeng: I think config itself is complicate, they are several layers and every layer must be parsed and merge together.
(17:21:39) mhu: okay, configmgr: yes, I think we already agreed that this is the best place to start.
(17:22:18) mhu: and yes, also look at silly usage of configmgr, i.e. things loaded at startup that are not needed.
(17:22:43) mhu: ...or thing loaded multiple times, like setup.xcu (?)
(17:23:21) LiHeng: mhu:it's a detail for config, that a lots of configurations in OO, and most load on startup. so we must make a list that desc necessary items for startup
(17:23:24) liangjun: LiHeng: use more thread do it.
(17:23:48) mhu: ...and yes, configmgr is (overly) complicated; please try to find out what has been done / planned with cws "configmgrrefactor01" (or so).
(17:24:07) yugq: mhu: OK.
(17:24:18) LiHeng: mhu: thank you
(17:24:46) mhu: ...that is "configrefactor01" as mentioned in wiki.
(17:25:50) mhu: ...and if that work was not finished, it is probably worth that you look and try to finish that.
(17:26:25) LiHeng: mhu: time is out, so i will send a timetable to discuss the recently works
(17:26:52) mhu: okay, yes please send that via email.
(17:27:22) LiHeng: okay,
(17:27:32) LiHeng: xiuzhi: do you have more?
(17:27:45) xiuzhi: LiHeng:no
(17:28:00) xiuzhi: IMHO,we can close the meeting now
(17:28:06) LiHeng: okay,
(17:28:51) LiHeng: that all'
(17:29:06) liangjun: :)
(17:29:07) xiuzhi: bye all
(17:29:08) LiHeng: bye
(17:29:13) liangjun: bye
(17:29:21) mhu: bye all, see you next week.


Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2008/03/13
Time: 16:26– 17:14
Meeting No.:


(16:26:23) LiHeng: hello xiuzhi,
(16:26:41) LiHeng: we miss you very much ,
(16:26:42) LiHeng: :)
(16:28:05) xiuzhi: LiHeng:hello
(16:28:15) xiuzhi: LiHeng:me too
(16:29:39) mhu: Hi all
(16:29:40) LiHeng: hi mhu
(16:29:58) xiuzhi: mhu:morning
(16:30:08) yugq: hi everyone!
(16:30:17) mhu: xiuzhi: good afternoon
(16:30:37) mhu: LiHeng: hi
(16:30:58) LiHeng: hi
(16:30:59) kuangl: hi
(16:31:18) LiHeng: mhu:did you receive the agenda?
(16:31:34) mhu: LiHeng: yes, I have read the agenda
(16:31:56) mhu: it is okay for me
(16:32:05) LiHeng: there is only a little topic today
(16:32:07) LiHeng: :)
(16:32:32) mhu: okay
(16:32:47) LiHeng: because we just research the profile report
(16:33:11) LiHeng: xiuzhi: do you have some you interesting ?
(16:33:14) mhu: fine with me; don't stop working :-)
(16:33:57) LiHeng: xiuzhi ?
(16:33:59) xiuzhi: LiHeng: no more..
(16:34:23) LiHeng: okay, 1.Become the developer of OO to creating CWS for Performance project;
(16:35:14) LiHeng: mhu: we will create the CWS for performance but yugq,kuangl,zenglj and me are not the developer of OO:(
(16:35:39) LiHeng: mhu: which project we apply ? tools?
(16:35:45) mhu: ah, now I see what you mean.
(16:36:01) mhu: yes, I think the tools project would be just fine.
(16:36:57) mhu: maybe xiuzhi can help here, with bridging between your redoffice developers and your OOo developers?
(16:37:34) LiHeng: xiuzhi: we will apply to project owner immediately, please help us to become developer.
(16:38:19) xiuzhi: mhu: only need the ability to create CWS
(16:38:22) mhu: the project owner would be Martin Hollmichel, that should be no problem (you know him?)
(16:38:46) xiuzhi: LiHeng: I will discuss this with Martin next Wednesday
(16:39:57) mhu: if this is too late, maybe I could create a CWS here in Hamburg, and you check it out from Bejing?
(16:40:09) LiHeng: xiuzhi:we need all ability of developer, we must maintain indepent CWS
(16:40:30) xiuzhi: LiHeng: You can email Martin directly if you need it now
(16:40:44) mhu: I think what is needed here is CVS commit rights
(16:41:01) xiuzhi: mhu:sure
(16:41:02) LiHeng: xiuzhi:okay , please give me his email adress
(16:42:05) mhu: maybe I can help: Martin is "mh" at or "Martin.Hollmichel" at sun dot com.
(16:42:06) xiuzhi: Martin.Hollmichel@Sun.COM
(16:42:42) LiHeng: mhu:thank you very much
(16:43:38) LiHeng: can we going to next topic?
(16:44:32) LiHeng: 2.How to publish the CWS to the all developer who is interested in performace work?
(16:45:41) mhu: do you mean access to the source code , or access to the installation sets built on that CWS?
(16:45:51) LiHeng: xiuzhi:last week ,we discuss that we will create a CWS for all developer who is intersted in performance work, and maintain compile and testing in beijing
(16:46:13) xiuzhi: LiHeng: great
(16:47:29) LiHeng: mhu:yes, but they can also send idea to us ,and we make some change and send the report to him.
(16:48:32) mhu: yes, that's what I understood; but my question was " A or B?" and you answer "yes" :-)
(16:49:15) LiHeng: sorry A
(16:49:24) mhu: okay, thanks :-)
(16:49:27) LiHeng: i hope
(16:50:12) mhu: so, access to source code should be easy, as long as you commit your changes on the CWS to the CVS branch (that's what a CWS is).
(16:51:23) mhu: access to the installation sets from that CWS: I think you should ask Martin Hollmichel (again); there should be somewhere an "upload" area designed for such cases.
(16:51:32) LiHeng: mhu: can we publish the CWS to other developer who is not member of performance
(16:51:42) mhu: ...but I don't know exactly how it works.
(16:52:15) mhu: LiHeng: sure, the CVS (and thus the CWS) is public; or what do you mean?
(16:53:00) LiHeng: every developer can commit his change to any CWS?
(16:53:21) mhu: ah, now I understand your question...
(16:53:48) mhu: ...yes, in principle that's possible, but by convention nobody does that.
(16:54:03) mhu: ...except he is invited to do so.
(16:55:17) LiHeng: so ,we need some methods to get more suggestion, optimizing idea and issue (16:55:45) mhu: yes, that is probably the most interesting part.
(16:57:59) LiHeng: first , we can only send message to mailinglist , explain our purpose OF CWS
(16:59:22) mhu: ...yes, and explain your offer to host the CWS and do the analysis and do the testing.
(17:00:39) mhu: you could sent a message to more than one mailing list: but also and dev@ooo.
(17:00:57) LiHeng: mhu:yes , but we can select servral suggestion from wiki and try to change it no that CWS , and report to all
(17:00:59) mhu: that way you would reach a much wider audience.
(17:01:28) mhu: LiHeng: yes, of course. You can start with any idea that you already have.
(17:01:33) LiHeng: mhu: i see
(17:02:48) LiHeng: xiuzhi: do you have some idea for that?
(17:03:22) xiuzhi: LiHeng: mhu's advice is enough for the first step
(17:03:35) LiHeng: :)
(17:04:24) LiHeng: that all
(17:04:38) LiHeng: no more topic for me ,today,
(17:04:39) mhu: okay
(17:05:27) LiHeng: mhu:thank you a lots
(17:06:00) mhu: LiHeng: you're welcome
(17:06:45) mhu: one thing left...
(17:06:53) LiHeng: please
(17:07:28) mhu: I am out a long Easter Holiday next Thursday (20.3.) through Tuesday (25.3.) inclusive.
(17:08:05) mhu: so, I won't be available next Thursday; shall we have our meeting earlier, say on Wednesday?
(17:08:59) LiHeng: no problem for me, xiuzhi maybe have another meeting
(17:09:36) LiHeng: xiuzhi:can you attend?
(17:09:54) xiuzhi: LiHeng:yes. I will have one. how about cancel it if we have no more urgent thing to discuss
(17:11:02) LiHeng: mhu: we just analyize profile data now, maybe we cancel the meeting next week, ...
(17:11:03) mhu: you could send email for urgent things, and we could simply cancel the meeting.
(17:11:36) mhu: LiHeng: okay, then see you Thursday in 2 weeks.
(17:11:49) LiHeng: and we send some result to you for meeting on Mar 27th
(17:11:58) mhu: okay, fine.
(17:12:20) LiHeng: ;)
(17:13:09) xiuzhi: mhu:have a good holiday!
(17:13:23) LiHeng: mhu:have a good time.
(17:13:24) mhu: xiuzhi: thanks
(17:13:37) mhu: thank you all, good bye then.
(17:13:44) LiHeng: bye
(17:13:47) xiuzhi: bye all
(17:13:54) mhu: bye
(17:13:54) yugq: mhu: have a good holiday
(17:13:56) yugq: bye


Meeting Minutes
IRC Meeting of Sun Microsystems (StarOffice) with RedFlag2000
Performance Project

Date: 2008/03/06
Time: 16:38– 17:36
Meeting No.:


(16:41:59) LiHeng: hello, how are you today
(16:42:26) yugq: fine
(16:42:31) yugq: :)
(16:42:50) yugq: where is mhu?
(16:43:11) LiHeng: i don't know, maybe late
(16:43:37) LiHeng: did you receive the agenda?
(16:43:46) yugq: yes
(16:44:15) yugq: you sent it to our local net
(16:44:43) yugq: we got it from zengliangjun
(16:44:49) LiHeng: mail server just do it
(16:46:14) yugq: mhu: hi (16:46:15) mhu: hi all, sorry for being soooo late...
(16:46:24) LiHeng: hi mhu:)
(16:46:49) kuangliang: hi mhu
(16:46:53) yugq: +LiHeng
(16:47:03) mhu: avoid the time pressure I had last week, I tried something new, which turned out to be even worse :-(
(16:47:27) liangjun: Hi mhu:)
(16:47:36) LiHeng: mhu:never mind
(16:47:42) mhu: ...I got stu k in a traffic jam, instead of making our call from home.
(16:48:10) mhu: LiHeng: okay, I've read your agenda; looks okay to me.
(16:48:35) LiHeng: okay , go!
(16:48:45) LiHeng: Some idea to optimize OO during testing of OO2.3.1
(16:48:57) LiHeng: yugq:please:)
(16:50:33) yugq: From the profile data, we know there are many hotspot in configmgr. And I think we can do something to find out wether it is optimize enough.
(16:51:34) yugq: mhu: Did someone do something on optimize configmgr before?
(16:52:14) mhu: yugq: yes, that sounds interesting. I think, some work already went into configmgr, but that may not yet be enough. So, yes, please go ahead.
(16:53:37) LiHeng: mhu:optimizing of XML analysis maybe rise speed up both configmgr and document load/save
(16:54:15) mhu: I know of some work that Novell engineers together with Stephan Bergmann (Sun Hamburg) did / wanted to do to refactor configmgr...
(16:55:00) mhu: make the code simple and e.g. optimize away some of the excessive mutex locking.
(16:55:08) yugq: ... In configmgr, we use some data structure to manage heap and cache, generally STL::Map. Something like a name string maps a heap location, etc.
(16:55:31) mhu: LiHeng: yes, XML optimization would be a good field, indeed.
(16:56:12) yugq: Some classes are wrapped for times and the member functions in it are simple, but they comsume time.
(16:56:31) mhu: yugq: yes, some of those constructs are more complicated than needed.
(16:58:00) mhu: I think, configmgr is a good start to work on. But be sure to check with Stephan Bergmann (SB) first, on what has already been done / what's already in the pipeline by others.
(16:59:06) LiHeng: mhu: ok ,and what you know some work of XML analysis?
(16:59:42) yugq: Many simple classes use Opaque pointers to isolate the viration, and maybe it needn't I think. This makes a lot of unnecessary operations and also a lot of small heap objects.
(17:00:20) mhu: Also, I think some of the time that configmgr needs is due to clients of configmgr reading data that they might not need during startup, or that could better be organized somehow different than currently. Just an idea.
(17:01:32) mhu: LiHeng: yes, I think you are right with looking at XML analysis. When something can be improved there, it will benefit both configmgr and document load.
(17:02:04) LiHeng: great , "load in time" is good method for large software system
(17:02:07) mhu: LiHeng: no, I currently don't know of any work on XML speed.
(17:03:00) mhu: LiHeng: with "load in time" you mean "load when needed, not earlier" ? Yes, that's true.
(17:03:38) LiHeng: mhu: yes , my teacher call it "slow release"
(17:03:42) LiHeng: ;)'
(17:03:50) mhu: :-)
(17:05:04) yugq: I just told some detail about configmgr right now. And I will keep on working on configmgr this days.
(17:06:57) mhu: yugq: yes, I think that's good. As I said, when you need more details, please ask Stefan Bergmann (
(17:07:19) yugq: mhu: OK. Thanks:)
(17:07:20) LiHeng: mhu: we want to create 2 CWSs for testing result of optimizing idea, that can do all test work in Beijing, so all developers in OO , can try his idea for performance. What do you think about it ?
(17:08:38) mhu: LiHeng: Good idea that all developers can test it. What do you mean with "2 CWS" ? So far we have only talked about configmgr?
(17:10:12) LiHeng: One for configmgr and xml analysis, other for some idea from other developer like Michael Meeks and Malte ....
(17:11:04) LiHeng: mhu:i read lots of wiki page , there are lots of idea, but mark (lots to do);)
(17:11:11) mhu: oh, have you asked them whether they want / have time to contribute?
(17:11:48) mhu: LiHeng: yes, more ideas than people to do them, unfortunately.
(17:12:52) LiHeng: so , some people maybe have no time to do , but another side ,they need test for idea,
(17:13:12) LiHeng: ch2000 can do all test for those CWS:)
(17:14:14) LiHeng: if anybody want to do some change for performance, he can do it , and we can return him testing result
(17:14:51) mhu: okay, now I understand. Yes, good idea to offer the testing. I think that will be well received.
(17:15:24) LiHeng: this way , i hope more and more people would be join;)
(17:15:38) mhu: yes, that may well be.
(17:16:00) LiHeng: right , go next :To decide a version (maybe a dev-version) that we can do optimizing before "code freeze".
(17:17:20) mhu: yes, current master version is on "DEV300" code line, I think milestone "m1"? (that would then be tag "DEV300_m1").
(17:18:05) LiHeng: mhu:which release based on this version?
(17:18:09) mhu: the DEV300 code line is for OOo 3.x, first release will be 3.0 Beta, then 3.0 (RC), then 3.1 , ...
(17:19:22) LiHeng: i heard 3.x will be release at next month, surely?
(17:19:31) mhu: "SRC680_m248" (or similar, need to look) was identical to "DEV300_m0".
(17:20:23) mhu: 3.0 Beta is currently targeted for April, yes. I don't have the exact dates right now.
(17:21:11) LiHeng: okay, first we try to change a little,
(17:22:27) mhu: ...I think, the schedule is in the wiki (somewhere), maybe xiuzhi knows. (by the way, is xiuzhi well, no longer joining our meeting?)
(17:23:02) LiHeng: mhu:he have some trouble ,
(17:23:27) mhu: LiHeng: oh, sorry to hear that.
(17:24:18) LiHeng: so he can't come to company on Thursday for three work
(17:24:44) LiHeng: sorry weeks
(17:25:00) mhu: okay, understood. Thanks.
(17:25:24) mhu: From last week: I talked to Malte...
(17:26:34) mhu: ... he siad, he has not received an email form you, and kindly asks you to again send an email and ask for the CWS performance test tools. He will then take care to help you.
(17:26:44) mhu: s/siad/said/
(17:27:28) LiHeng: i send another email to Malte the day before yesterday , he has already replied me today,
(17:28:04) LiHeng: and he told me , he already prepare some test for Beijing
(17:28:21) LiHeng: and will send to me later
(17:28:34) LiHeng: but no source code:(
(17:30:12) mhu: okay, I talked to him on Tuesday. Please give him a few more days, maybe he needs to prepare something. Then we can ask again whether there is a problem, and if yes, how to solve that.
(17:31:41) LiHeng: thank you, we really want to get source code to make better tools for all developers
(17:31:54) mhu: perhaps it helps, if he hears about your idea to do the testing for performance related cws'es in Beijng.
(17:32:18) mhu: yes, understood.
(17:32:52) LiHeng: that's all for me
(17:33:10) mhu: I think, that's all from me as well.
(17:33:16) yugq: me too.
(17:33:27) liangju1: yes I'm
(17:34:02) kuangliang: me too
(17:34:08) mhu: thank you for your patience when being so late. See you next thursday.
(17:34:25) yugq: see you:)
(17:34:26) kuangliang: see you
(17:34:28) liangju1: bye
(17:34:48) LiHeng: mhu:thank you for your help, and maybe we can meet in OO.o conference 2008:)
(17:35:12) mhu: yes, I hope to be in Bejing for the conference :-)
(17:35:20) yugq: Beijing (China) 597 Orvieto (Italy) 126 Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 62 Bratislava (Slovakia) 56 Budapest (Hungary) 50 Dundalk (Ireland) 22 So the Annual Conference 2008 has been awarded to the team proposing Beijing, China.
(17:35:47) LiHeng: okay , bye:)
(17:35:50) mhu: yes, congratulations. that was a clear result, wasn't it?
(17:36:05) mhu: okay, bye all
(17:36:10) liangju1: :)
(17:36:12) yugq: bye.
(17:36:14) kuangliang: bye

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