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Maxima Integration

Integrate the Maxima symbolic computer algebra system into OOo, to solve calc problems in Writer.

The idea : create a Maxima session inside an OOo Writer document, in an embeded frame, or equivalent.


Weekly IRC meetings. Wiki use mandatory. Specifications and documentation MUST be written in parallel, in same time the code is written. Every diff of code will be documented on the wiki. the code must be written in C++ (prefered). A proof of concept using Python would be appreciated. Iterations

  • Step 1

Discover and learn UNO API be able to create a Writer document (and play with it) be able to launch an external application using UNO In parallel : learn how a Writer document is structured and how to use it programmaticaly (structure, foundations)

  • Step 2

Learn Maxima session requirements implement a way to launch a Maxima session from OOo implement a way to exchange datas with the open Maxima session propose a follow up for the devs who will continue the implementation Estimated Timeline

3 weeks of work = step 1 5 weeks of work = step 2 Required skills/knowledge lisp, c++, UNO API knowledge Difficulty medium Contact ericb at

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