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In addition to the Google Summer of Code program, we are glad to be able to support some additional efforts.

Join the " Summer 2010 Internship"

  • The " Summer 2010 Internship" will start on May 31 and will stop on September 21.
  • It is organised to help students with their first (or second step..) in code
  • Also we expect some code and bug fixes contributed ;-)

How to apply

  • Mail to Jürgen Schmidt, Mathias Bauer, or Svante Schubert (see domain developer)
  • They will help you to find a mentor in the project (or mentor you themselves)
  • If not yet done: make up your mind about what you want to do in and discuss it with your mentor
  • Then get a "go" for your proposal and make your code run!

Terms & Conditions

  • ...

Possible tasks

In the category "Effort", there is the Education Project Effort, proposing a lot of subjects, and who aims to drive students, explaining them the basics about the source code.

  • Further (easy and fast) information by IRC : Channel  :

In te category ToDo, on the wiki, you can find many possible tasks for completion during this Internship program.

But you may propose one yourself, or ask developers at you favorite project's list.

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