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This page is dedicated to brainstorming things that need to be done in Art Project maintenance, plannning the activities and creating project To-Do lists.

Project update plan (brainstorming)

Here is an attempted list of things to be done ASAP, listed in no particular order. After finalizing the list, each item should be expanded down in this page as new sections or each on a separate page for detailed planning.
Please add/edit/delete to this list:

  1. Defining a text for OOo logo license
  2. (Re)Organizing the art website and galleries:
    • What types/categories of documents are stored untill now in the galleries ?
    • What is the predicted evolution of these categories in the future ?
    • Propose galleries structure and choose the best one that would suit present and foreseeable future evolutions and in the same time would be easier to maintain
    • Propose page templates for galleries (if needed) and pick the best that it is easier to add/delete items from and easy for visitors to follow
    • Are there any changes needed to the non-gallery pages of the website ?
  3. Updating the galleries with latest art created by the project
    • Collect artwork from IZ that is not yet displayed on the website [file, language, author, license] and include it in the List of Artwork (IZ)
    • Collect list of links and descriptions for artwork already displayed in other projects/websites [file-URL, language, author, license]
    • Organize the above by categories, create thumbnails, upload and display in the gallery pages
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