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(open problems)
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new in 20061006:
new in 20061006:
* added OpenOffice.org 2.0.4rc4 install in /o3/lx_ia32/Office
* added OpenOffice.org 2.0.4rc3 install in /o3/lx_ia32/Office
* added SDK in /o3/lx_ia32/Office_SDK
* added SDK in /o3/lx_ia32/Office_SDK
* added libz.so
* added libz.so

Revision as of 12:34, 20 October 2006

O3 Build

O3 Build CD should enable new developers of OpenOffice.org to start with Development for OpenOffice.org without the need to take care of every prerequiste the OpenOffice.org build system needs. It also comes with a glibc 2.24 installed which allows the created executables to run on almost every Linux system.

Objective: mount cd to /o3

modify and execute for Linux /o3/lx_ia32/setgulls (add the path to OOo source tree)

and enjoy !!



new in 20061006:

  • added OpenOffice.org 2.0.4rc3 install in /o3/lx_ia32/Office
  • added SDK in /o3/lx_ia32/Office_SDK
  • added libz.so
  • added cvs-1.12
  • added gdb 6.5

new in 20061008:

  • added missing Linux kernel includes
  • added pam header files
  • added cups header files
  • added gcc (2.95.3)
  • added vim 7.0
  • added emacs 21.4

new in 20061011

  • added patched gcc-3.4.1 used by Hamburg RE

open problems

  • Xinerama check fails, libXinerama is static library, configure script is missing -lX11 library
  • nas: imake is calling plain gcc not $CC (solved by adding gcc (2.95.3)
  • /o3/lx_ia32/lib must not be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • -L/o3/lx_ia32/lib must not be in LDFLAGS where checkdll is used
  • epm build fails if fltk-config is installed on system

open todos

  • add source tar ball
  • add index.html and documentation
  • add Win32 Version
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