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┼┼┼┼ "MELOMAN" Music Database by Vlad Seredkine ┼┼┼┼

Here is a new database application presented to your attention under the name of “MELOMAN”..

There was a statement to create a new Music Database for various purposes.

After one month of investigation and analyzing information in music world and after separation of important things from not so much important ones the definite concept of future music database was created and laid out in the following document: “MELOMAN Open Office 3.1 Data Base Application. Internal Design Specification”.

Next month was devoted to creation of new Music Database according to developed concept and testing it according to test cases which was done and performed in “Meloman test cases” document.

Finally now after three months with help of “Meloman_User_Guide” everybody can use new “MELOMAN” Open Office Music Database which is unbelievable easy to fill and easy to adjust for different purposes according to a music fan desires and available information from different sources.

“MELOMAN” Open Office Music Database is delivered with information of 10 real audio CDs as a sample of collection and full database information about amazing music of 15 ‘The Beatles’ albums and their creators.

Load “MELOMAN” Open Office Music Database and enjoy the Magic Music World!

Sincerely yours

_Vlad Seredkine_

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