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(15:01:27) kr: hi ingo :)
(15:01:36) kr: hi cynthia :)
(15:01:42) _ch_: good morning, kay!
(15:01:52) _ch_: and good morning ingo. :)
(15:02:02) is_: Hi Cynthia :-)
(15:02:32) kr: just uploaded a new mockup to
(15:02:49) kr: would like to discuss it today
(15:04:42) is_: Yes, looks good. You also have the button for the existing build helper ;-) ?
(15:06:42) _ch_: hi, xiuzhi. :)
(15:06:51) kr: good afternoon xiuzhi :)
(15:07:32) is_: hello xiuzh :-)
(15:08:13) is_: of course xiuzhi ;-)
(15:08:57) xiuzhi: kr:moin
(15:09:03) xiuzhi: is_:moin
(15:09:18) xiuzhi: a minute, I call tao and dehua
(15:10:19) xiuzhi: they only have 30 minutes,let is start
(15:11:03) kr: I just uploaded a new mockup to , please have a look
(15:12:07) xiuzhi: I saw them, these UI looks good
(15:12:19) kr: ohh, the "pull" and "push" buttons on the config tab need to be removed, sorry
(15:12:45) kr: the workflow would than be something as:
(15:12:51) kr: - start the build wizard
(15:13:15) kr: - select a remote repository and clone it
(15:13:25) kr: - select the than local repository
(15:14:01) kr: - look into the "config" tab
(15:14:27) kr: - anything important missing would be marked red, optional stuff not available may be marked blue, available stuff likely green
(15:15:25) kr: - if anything is red, the "start" button on the build tab pane would be disabled (ideally a tooltip would be available telling the user to look into the "config" tab), otherwise the "start" is available
(15:15:40) kr: - user presses start -> build begins
(15:15:59) kr: - may want to add an "install" buttons to the build tab pane
(15:16:03) kr: that's it :)
(15:16:41) _ch_: kr: what the "Clear" button used for on the config tab?
(15:18:38) kr: _ch_: the "clear" may be changed to something as "re-scan" :)
(15:20:15) kr: just uploaded the fixed version:
(15:20:29) xiuzhi: Need we have a complier log tab page ?
(15:20:31) xudh: kr: why do we need to put them in such a dialog? can the user know how it works?
(15:20:53) xiuzhi: complier error log. something else
(15:21:00) kr: xiuzhi: the compiler logs should appear in the build tab pane
(15:21:06) xiuzhi: ok
(15:21:11) kr: xudh: you mean the buttons?
(15:22:04) xudh: kr: no, the Tabs
(15:22:41) kr: xudh: just to keep it compact, would you prefer multiple windows?
(15:24:23) xudh: kr: window:)
(15:25:24) kr: xudh: that means, one window is fine for you, right ? :)
(15:28:22) xudh: kr: no, I would prefer multiple windows
(15:29:00) xiuzhi: one window and multi tabs looks good, and help page has another window maybe better;
(15:29:28) kr: xudh: you mean one for every cloned repository? Please explain
(15:29:59) _ch_: kr:still on the Config Tab: do we need a button to save the configure-switches into a file, or when shall we do it?
(15:31:02) kr: _ch_: I would rather make it automatically persistent, e.g. after change just directly save
(15:34:08) xudh: kr: I mean what xiuzhi had just said
(15:34:17) xudh: one window and multi tabs looks good, and help page has another window maybe better;
(15:34:27) xudh: kr:Have you got it ?
(15:34:56) _ch_: kr: do you mean, when we leave the Config Tab, we will automatically save the settings?
(15:35:06) kr: xudh: not yet
(15:35:12) xiuzhi: kr:xudh prefer having a window to show some help info.
(15:35:28) kr: _ch_: I though even earlier, directly after a change
(15:36:00) kr: xudh: could you do a sketch?
(15:36:22) xiuzhi: kr: and one window with multi tab panes as you designed on wiki page
(15:36:23) kr: xudh: I still have no clue ;)
(15:36:45) kr: xiuzhi: you mean just an additional window?
(15:37:30) xiuzhi: kr:sure ,for show how to use this wizard
(15:38:08) xiuzhi: kr:user can use the wizard as well as looking the help files
(15:38:24) kr: xiuzhi: I see, would this window always be present or when pressing F1?
(15:39:02) xiuzhi: kr: F1 or press a "help" button. I prefer a button
(15:40:01) kr: I think you are right with the tabs, the current layout is somewhat confusing, will do another mockup which (hopefully) simplifies the user interface
(15:41:31) xiuzhi: kr: yes.
(15:43:36) kr: though I would like to keep the "direct access" approach, ideally avoind dialogs and such to keep the user interface small and efficient :)
(15:43:53) kr: avoind -> avoiding
(15:44:38) xiuzhi: your design is clearly and easy to use,
(15:45:46) xiuzhi: adding a new help window would be helpful to user.
(15:45:56) kr: ok
(15:48:17) xiuzhi: kr:I am not sure who is responsible for the new UI design and impliment,
(15:48:24) xudh: Hi all, I will have another meeting, and I must go now.
(15:49:01) xudh: bye all
(15:49:03) xiuzhi: xudh:ok
(15:49:21) kr: xiuzhi: I will do the mockups until we are fine, and I would like to give software architectural guide lines
(15:49:49) kr: xiuzhi: basically outlining the interfaces, classes etc. but avoiding the implementation itself
(15:50:36) xiuzhi: kr:good. you can ask xudh and _ch_ to do some coding
(15:50:52) kr: xiuzhi: will do so :)
(15:51:31) xiuzhi: kr: I am sorry I can not do some contribution to our project.
(15:52:37) kr: xiuzhi: as long as xudh and _ch_ can help, we are fine.
(16:11:53) kr: thanks for joining again, talking to you soon, bye for now :)
(16:13:43) _ch_: bye. :)
(16:14:35) is_: good bye :-)
(16:14:50) xiuzhi: bye

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