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The Mac Way

The Mac way = Apple Human Interface guidelines (HIG) + well thought out user experience

The Reference : Aqua Human Interface Guidelines

[FIXME]To be continued

Draft as starting point :

Apple has no Exit menu [fixed (Aqua version)]

sometimes little things can make a huge difference

However the Windows freestyle combobox has no equivalent on Mac

windows>dialog: Native FilePicker is important (and on the way?) [fixed (Aqua version)]

Start of the application: what is needed NOW

Look and Feel: Aqua Controls, toolbar blends into the title bar [fixed (Aqua version)]

Drag and drop [fixed (Aqua version)]

Fonts [fixed (Aqua version)]

Native filepicker [fixed (Aqua version)]

Native color picker

Native printing [fixed (Aqua version)]

Windows the cursor scrolling behaviour drove me nuts [fixed (Aqua version)]

Mac port Links

This work is part of

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