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The purpose of this article is first to present our current knowledge of the implementation of scrollbars in the native Mac OS X version of and second to be a tutorial on how to create scrollbars with HITheme.

Apple Documentation and References

The Appearance Manager and HITheme

As stated on the Native Controls page, HITheme is the new version of the Appearance Manager. Apple is pushing developers to use it since they are not supporting the AE anymore. But to make the transition easy Apple made the HITheme API very close to the AE. For example both have functions with very similar name and both share the same constants. You can always refer back to the AE to find the list of these constants and use them in HITheme functions.

The Track

The Appearance Manager hence HITheme group controls under 2 categories: buttons and tracks. Is considered a track: various types of rectangular controls including scroll bars, sliders, and progress bars.


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