Mac OS X Porting - Data Acquisition

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Work in progress : data acquisition with ( Scanner e.g.)

FIXME : to be continued later :)

Does concern both X11 and Aqua version of

Current working hardware using

USB scanners

Mark Model Status Comments
Agfa Snapscan e50 Works fine firmware must be loaded

SCSI scanners

Mark Model Status Comments
Agfa Snapscan 310 Works fine
Microtek  ? Works fine

Important Links

Sane Project

Supported devices

Mac OS X Sane

Vuescan code location


[FIXME]: Twain interface should work on Mac OS X version of, and configure does accept 
command line options. Tests scheduled

Products built

All : scanner , scnserv

Windows( WNT) : scanwin

Other ( UNX or OS2 ) :

sane, sandlg scanunx and grid

Todo: analyse current implementation

Interface description

The complete interface is defined in (list to be confirmed ):






Dialog boxes

The dialog boxes are defined in :



Implementation description


Mac OS X side

Links :

Accessing Hardware from Applications

Twain Mac

TN2088 / Twain Data Sources for Mac OS X


Apple Image SDK

Other :

Twain 2.0 specifications (draft)

Mac port Links

This work is part of

Ericb 23:40, 5 October 2006 (CEST)

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