Mac OS X Development Builds

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You can download Aqua development builds for Mac OS X

The most simple is to contact us directly on IRC.

server :

channel #ooo_macport

You can download X11/Aqua development builds for Mac OS X from the following locations:

- Nakata Maho's builds: (FTP/ PPC and Intel Aqua builds

- Pavel's builds: (FTP/ PPC, gcc 4.0, Tiger

- Eric Bachard's experimental Intel and PowerPC Aqua builds (including crashes fixes, and new features in test) : and Laurent Buisson server. Second URL server

and Intel, gcc 4.0.x, Tiger

- Tinderbox builds: ( FIXME:add URLs ) PPC, gcc3.3 and gcc 4.0, Tiger

Download size: about 130-140Mb

More information on the current download is available on the releases list [[1]], and on [[2]]

Please note that most of these builds are not stable and not for production use. They should be only used for testing new functionality and checking for bugs and bug fixes.

The use of these builds may require extra developer knowledge, to get them working. So if they do not work for you, don't be surprised. The builds may also require additional software, like Apple X11 to be able to run them.

Currently, the builds for intel run only on Mac-Intel (MacTel) machines. They do not run on PowerPPC Macintoshes.

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