Mac OS X (X11) Quality Assurance

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Mac OS X Quality Assurance



Maho Nakata

QA (Testing)

James MacKenzie , Alexis Pigeon, Shaun McDonald, Joerg Sievers (Automation) ... [FIXME] : complete the list

QA for 2.0.4

Description of the process [FIXME]: complete

missing : a description of

- how help on Mac OS X QA
- how current tests are proceed (automated, manual)
- clear rules about QA on Mac OS X ( requirements,  deadline ... etc)
- links for external informations
- recense *all concerned  locales* , with current status

Current concerned locales :

italien (to be confirmed)
hebrew  (to be confirmed)
slovenian (to be confirmed)
macedonian (to be confirmed)

Status ... [FIXME]

Mac port Links

This work is part of

Ericb 13:40, 7 October 2006 (CEST)

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