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We are going to upgrade the development framework the main site runs on from SourceCast (SC 2.6) to CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE 3.5.1, 19.4).


  • Branding Freeze on Production Site: 4/14/06
  • Tests Stage Site: 5/30/06 – 6/16/06
  • Date Range for Production Deployment: 6/20/06 – 6/23/06

Release Notes

Please review the full version of the CollabNet Enterprise Edition versions 3.0.0, 3.1.0, 3.5.0, and 3.5.1 release notes prior to your upgrade:

Staging Test

There are 2 weeks reserved for a test of CEE 3.5.1 on a staging server with our data set.

We are responsible to

  • not change site branding after the branding freeze date.
  • verify that branding appears as it should on the stage site.
  • test all custom functionality, as well as any specialized build processes, or any other processes.
  • investigate our favorite areas in addition to testing our host performs.
  • ensure as far as localization is concerned that CEE 3.5.1 is the same as 2.6.x or better.

We will file one ticket per issue against the stage site for any questions regarding access or functionality on the stage site. The component is "www" and subcomponent " upgrade".

Query for Open Upgrade Issues

The stage site is named

You will be able to access the site with the same username and password you use on our production site.


It is a good idea to make a list of features and functionality that we are interested in testing during our test weeks.

If you plan on testing features which send email, such as mailing lists, CVS or SVN commits which trigger email, etc., please note that all email addresses have been changed. Before testing these features, make sure that you edit your user profile and change your email address back to one at which you can receive email.

The stage site was created with data taken from our running production site weeks ago. Any content added to your production site after it has been created will not be reflected on our stage site.


  • How can we remove project headers?

Due to the changes in staticization project home pages look different. All project home pages (like start with a project header. In SC26 this was only the case for dynamic pages like but not for static pages like does not contain the header. But the project list ( points to the short form and more important every user will use the short form.

Stefan: I need things to be clear here. Is the desired behaviour then for all new project index pages *NOT* to have the project header? -louis
BTW, more on header. The velocity template *can* be changed. But looking at /index.html vs. /, you will see the Help and Project tools boxes also change: dynamic content is inserted in / not in /index.html. That dynamic content includes:
- discussion forums
- My issues
or, in short, those things depending on a user's permissions.
One argument for forcing pages not to bring up this dynamic content could also be a robustness argument: to do so might be taxing to the system.
* Update: I can file issues on OOo assigned to support to change the velocity template so that /index.html is rendered not "/", the default and current set up. The change may be visible in stage--or not; more info. is needed. Because staticization will be operating differently--it's not really staticization any longer they tell me--this change will affect *all* project index.html pages. LouisSuarez
The quick answer is that (without index.html) as well as should look "right" - no header. We took the loss of dynamic content like "Discussion forums, My issues" and dynamic help content for all (staticized) SC26 home pages. I'm willing to accept this for CEE351 in favour of a clean home page with an easy to type URL. Let's continue on the list. --stx12 20:16, 1 June 2006 (CEST)

project_tools has been renamed but the point was that it replaced the default set. Christian is looking at that....

It seems that "navcol" was renamed to "leftcol", producing some of this behaviour

 the navcol vs leftcol is kind of another problem.. Fixed in the following way:
 * projects/pages hiding the left navbar-column need to adjust their css 
   so that it hides #navcol instead of #leftcol
 * I modified the template so that it looks for project_tools.html instead of the new default
   of "NavColumn-ProjectToolsList.html" and modified inst.css so that the old project_tools.html
   can be used without modifications
   The new way would be to use definition lists (<dl>}} with the <dt> and <dd> tags 
   where the individual links would be <ul>s), but the old way using the <div>s is now 
   supported again
   Projects shouldn't need to modify it (but are encouraged to use the new format in future)
  • We shouldn't forget to remove the link to release notes from the Help box

There are numerous things that have changed and been added in the Help box. What would you like to keep? Some things are useful, many not.


  • r-commands (especially rdiff) still does not work in the supposed way. The workaround (specifying /shared/data/helm/cvs/repository as repository) works.
  • cvs co CVSROOT works and the content looks ok
  • cvs co -c is ok.
  • keys are installed


  • Issue 66024 missing "Add comment" privileges for some accounts
  • Issue 66026 when submitting issues, projects are now sorted ignoring case
  • FEATUREs have an usuable coloring (WHITE on LIGHT or DARK GREY) in issue lists cp. here
 good: IZ doesn't use hardformatting anymore
 bad:  IZ uses a class that was previously used. 
 Anyway, should be fixed now using the default color as defined in tigris.css
 if you don't like it, just post your wish :-) Cloph
 Much better, thanks
  • Issue view has "BLACK on DARK GREY" coloring for some items, e.g. "depends on" in this issue
the good news
  • default target milestone is "not determined" (instead of "---")
  • input validation happens using java script (on client side), not after a round trip to the server
  • can reassign fixed issues! They keep their resolution!



The Web-interface still lacks badly

  • No threaded view
  • The "threads" view can still not be limited to some period of time or filtered
  • The authors view still cannot be filtered
  • Still there is no way to get the ID in the web-interface from the mail that is delivered, if you recieve a mail it is impossible to construct an URL to the message in the archive based on the data in the headers. You have to search for the message online. - This is hard since the search doesn't allow a search for message-id. Still the fastes way is to browse the archives by date.
  • The other was is not possible either. If you got the mail in the online-archive, you cannot send a mail zu ezmlm zu get the thread belonging to that message.
  • Searching is still very incomfortable
    • the results are not threaded
    • the results cannot be ordered by date
    • the results cannot be ordered by summary
    • even worse, there is no default odering, the results are random.
  • tried to post messages to dev@qa.stage from registered Sun email account and from gmx account (allowed to pass through) but both emails didn't get into archives (ja)


  • The site-search facility now remembers the search modifiers (like +this +that or "this that") and it is actually possible to go to the "next" results page.
  • Search for the german-lang users' archive is possible


Documents & files

  • rejecting (disapproval) documents works (ja)
  • Issue 66031 Documents & files: descriptions do not respect HTML formatting
  • Issue 66032 Mailing lists: descriptions do not respect HTML formatting


  • No problem found so far (ja)


  • Staticization (not yet in place)
Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters
HTTP 1.1 RFC: Caching in HTTP



User/role/permission/registration (ST)

  • Report "Count users by role and project" has been dropped
My Start Page
  • Pending actions / Pending roles in project xxx (1) for project owner only and not for domain admin
  • The total number of outstanding password tickets is no longer available (was on My Page of Domain Admin)

Boundary Systems

  • EIS (BEI)
  • Feature / Interface mails (BEI)
  • iBIS (FMA)
  • cvsup/anoncvs (MH)

cvsupd not yet in place. [ I started it on the stage site now -- ANI]

  • mailstats (ST)
  • broken links (ST)

Link checkiong works fine now that it's HTTP 1.1 aware.

Configuration Parameters

  • Allow issue deletion? off
  • Project path separator string: ">" or "&nbsp;&gt;&nbsp;" ( > )
  • Enable content repository templating? on

Production Upgrade

The Production Upgrade is planned for the week beginning June 20th.

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