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Welcome to OpenOffice.org! :-)

You are at the start of a long, but very exciting journey! There are many ways to get started, but the easiest one is to:

More info about developing OOo is here:

If you don't find the instructions in the Wiki good enough to guide you, feel free to subscribe and ask on the dev@openoffice.org mailing list. If you are interested in some aspect that is not covered, ask the mailing list as well :-) - we'll guide you where to find people who will be able to answer your questions. Lots of developers also hang on IRC - join #dev.openoffice.org on irc.freenode.net.

Another solution is to contact the Education Project, who aims to find future OpenOffice.org developers, mainly students, who are discovering OpenOffice.org Project. IRC dedicated Education Project channel is : #education.openoffice.org , server : irc.freenode.net

In the ClassRoom page, you probably will find information about the essentials. For example, you'll find on them Practice, or IRC Meetings Logs we did as "ClassRooms"

And if you think you can help fixing some bugs , please have a look at the Effort page

We are looking forward to your contribution!

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