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The original page was removed and turned into a redirect page on the Arabic segment. After renaming the English text is replaced by Arabic. The original is preserved at:
After the vandalism the content of this page restored.
{{Documentation/Note|For the general (not-translation specific) rules see [[OOo Wiki Contribution Rules]].}}
{{Documentation/Note|For the general (not-translation specific) rules see [[OOo Wiki Contribution Rules]].}}
<section begin=translating />
<section begin=translating />

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Here are some general guidelines for translations:

  • If possible, follow the same structure as the original page.
  • If possible, do not translate the Wiki page names. Use the {{DISPLAYTITLE:Page title}} to localize the page name. Using the same page name makes it easier to identify translated pages and easier to automatically link from one page to another
  • Use a subpage naming structure that clearly indicates the language of the page. For example, the Swedish version of a page could use SV/Pagename/. See Help:Page naming


  • Communicate with the L10N and NLC communities and let them know what you're doing.
  • If in doubt, ask. The Documentation, and NLC communities are here to help you.

The OpenOffice.org L10N community is working on a process and toolset for translating Wiki pages.

Translation steps

There are (currently) no tools or mechanisms in place in the Wiki to assist with translations. The basic translation process is:

  1. Identify a page that is to be translated.
  2. Click Edit on that page.
  3. Select all Wiki text in that page and copy it.
  4. Cancel the edit.
  5. Start a new page with the right page name for the new translated article (see Help:Page naming).
  6. Paste in the copied original language text.
  7. Click Save Page to give yourself a start point.
  8. Translate the text on the newly created page.
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