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Git is a popular version control system designed to handle very large projects with speed and efficiency. See for more info.

Git and

A functional git tree with the entire OOo history for testing purposes is here: It is an imported CVS tree that was split into two parts:

  • The sources themselves - ooo.git
  • The 3rd party stuff (binary mozilla, zlib, berkeleydb, ...) - 3rdparty.git

The size of the sources is about 1.1G, the size of the 3rd party stuff is 740M. Please follow the instructions on to get the tree.


  • Convert tabs to 4 spaces at the beginning of the lines in .c/.cxx/.h/.hxx/.mk
  • Convert CollabNet account names into real names
    • maybe use the data from DomainDeveloper (complete that where necessary) if there's no easy way to extract the names from CollabNet
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