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The very latest ooo-build (a small ~1.5Mb build wrapper) can
The very latest ooo-build (a small ~1.5Mb build wrapper) can
be got from CVS thus:
be got from SVN thus:

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Source code

The source code can be downloaded as tarballs eg. here. It is huge, so it was split to several files:

  • OOo_2.1.0_src_core.tar.bz2 - the necessary part for each build, the other tarballs depend on this one.
  • OOo_2.1.0_src_binfilter.tar.bz2 - the filters for old StarOffice formats.
  • OOo_2.1.0_src_l10n.tar.bz2 - translations to other languages than English and German.
  • OOo_2.1.0_src_sdk.tar.bz2 - OOo SDK (Software Development Kit).
  • OOo_2.1.0_src_system.tar.bz2 - libraries that usually are on a standard (Linux) system and it's not necessary to build own version.

For a full build you need them all. For development, src_core is usually all you need.

Download them to one directory and unpack them. Information how to checkout from CVS follows.

Vanilla up-stream

You might be interested particulary in the Get the source code section in the build guide (for Linux, but it is quite similar for all the platforms).

export 'CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs@anoncvs.services.openoffice.org:/cvs'
cvs login
(CVS password: anoncvs)
cvs co -r <milestone> OpenOffice2

The tool to browse project source code online has some additional hints.

If you want just to test development releases, you can download already compiled builds from [1]. List of available Mac builds is in Mac OS X Development Builds.


There are loads of versions of OO.o, and several choices of branch, with multiple outstanding patch sets. I recommend you build from up-stream CVS HEAD milestones (SRC680 milestones), with patch sets to make them easier to build from [2]

The very latest ooo-build (a small ~1.5Mb build wrapper) can be got from SVN thus:

svn co http://svn.gnome.org/svn/ooo-build/trunk ooo-build

Note: You are going to need to download an additional ~150Mb of compressed source, and have ~3Gb of space to unpack and build it in.

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