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Specification Creative Commons component (first rough version)


The component will create an entry "Creative Commons" in the file menu of Writer/Calc/Impress/Draw.


When the user chooses that entry, following things will happen:

  • connect to creativecommons.org via provided API to get information about possible licensing.
  • Create a dialog via UNO AWT, containing different license options, using radio buttons.
  • If the user chooses "Creative Commons or "Sampling", get needed details from cc.org and offer to the user.
  • In the end, cc.org should give you a link to the license which is to use.
  • That link, and a cc.org image, has to be embedded into the current document

How to embedd the licensing information in the document

Insert the returned value of the dialog in the document:

  • Writer: On current cursor position, cc image as hyper link, and a normal hyper link.
  • Impress: Same like Writer, but on new page, appended after current one (or on current one if empty)
  • Draw: To be determined, probably text object on top of page
  • Calc: To be determined, probably in current cell

There should also be some custom property in the document to remember the fact that a license was added:

  • how to add a property to an ODF document?
  • use of ODF metadata? Does ODF already provides something for licensing information?
  • If so, and if the user chooses the menu item again, a query box states that a license was already added, and asks the user if to continue reminding the user that changing the license must comply with the re-licensing table (I'll add the link once I get it)
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