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Short News from the subprojects

This is the place to provide updates and news about projects under the Education Project. To create a news item simply set the project name in bold before the news content. Please write in English only and add the latest item over the last one.

  • LSM 2009 (Nantes, France)
  • Solutions Linux 2009 ( Paris France)
  • Rencontres de l'ORME 2009
  • Eric Bachard will represent Education Project at FOSDEM 2009 DevRoom
  • Mathieu Lalanne will represent Education Project at Live eTic 2008 Montpelier France) the 3rd December 2008
  • Education Project will be present at Educatice 2008 (Paris France), 25th to 28th November 2008
  • Rakesh Pandit workout has been accepted at, Bangalore India (25th to 28th November )
  • J2ML , Nice France ( 15th of November )
  • FSOSS 2008, at Seneca College ( Toronto, Canada ) 23rd 24th Ocbtober
  • Education Project was represented at Journée travaill collaboratif at Ecole Normale Supérieure (rue d'Ulm), Paris France
  • Education Project is invited at Paris Capitale du Libre by the SCEREN (thanks to Jean-Pierre Archambault)
  • Presentation about Education Project and OPLC at Epitech Paris, 24th September (thanks to Pierre Pasteau for the invitation)
  • ( ericb September 14th 2008 ) Two new Domain devs for the Education Project : congratulation to Pierre Pasteau and Rakesh Pandit !
  • (rbircher December 13th 2007) Project Switzerland We start searching people for a association in Switzerland
  • (rbircher December 10th 2007) Website: Nicolas Jeudy working on the layout
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